Playboy Mansion Cottage for Sale: $28 Million Makes You Hef’s Neighbor


Courtesy Associated Press Jennifer Graylock

Next to one of the most storied mansions in Los Angeles, the Playboy Mansion, sits the “other” house Hef built-and now it’s for sale. You can be Hugh Hefner’s immediate neighbor by purchasing his freshly listed home next to the mansion for $27,995,000.

The house according to Yahoo:  “The two-story 7,300-square-foot English Manor-style home was built in 1929, and bought by the Hefners in 1998. It sits behind private gates on 2.3 acres and has some of the original wood paneling, leaded-glass windows and a hand-carved staircase. There are hand-painted walls, a newly remodeled kitchen with a morning room and butler’s pantry, two staff rooms, formal living and dining rooms, a library and family room. It has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.”


Bay To Breakers San Francisco’s Eclectic “Race” A Realtor’s Marketing Fantasy illustrious San Francisco blog linked to this article May 19, 2008

Thinking outside the box never got more fun than “think tank” brainstorming. One of the most under utilized ideas is turning San Francisco’s Bay to Breaker’s race into your marketing bonanza. One example is Autodesk, a successful Bay Area software company. Autodesk has entered a team of runners dressed as the Autodesk centipede. Although this race is more fun and follie than serious sporting event, the television coverage Autodesk received was invaluable:

If you are Realtor, broker, or real estate affiliate sponsoring a team of runners, in costume, to run and advertise your company and your company’s cause is a great way to publicize who you are and what you do!

“Next Generation” Realtor’s Marketing Tool: Social Networks Viral Marketing Power

“Nothing endures but change” Heraclitus Greek philosopher

Social networking sites like linkedin, myspace, facebook, and plaxo utilize viral loop or viral networking in order to grow traffic to your site. The problem for Realtors and affiliates is that these sites are either targeted to the wrong audience,, or they are flat with limited features bloggers enjoy on their blogs. is changing the social networking landscape. Ning allows users, for free, to set up their own “social network.” The treasure trove of Ning features and benefits:

Social Networking

1. Create a full Social Network, for free, that you customize and brand as your own

2. Invite members, meet new people, network within or outside your business niche

3. Full message center with address book importing from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail.

4. Customizable profile pages.

5. Photo slideshows, video players, music players, and network badges, that can be embeded anywhere on the Internet, seamlessly funneling new people to your network.

6. RSS feeds of your network’s features, such as members, discussions, photos, videos, music/podcasts, and blog posts.

7. Members can set different privacy settings for every photo, video, group, or blog post they contribute.

Full Customization

1. Add your own logo, branding, and visual design to make your network unique

2. Choose from a variety of themes and customize them to make them your own

3. Make your network public or private

4. Customize the appearance of your branded photo slideshow, video player, music/podcast player widgets and network badges

5. Customize the profile questions your network asks when members join. Make questions private, so that the answers are only viewable by you and your Network Administrators

6. Enable “one-click” Facebook Promotion so your members can add photo slideshows, video players, and music/podcasts from your network seamlessly into Facebook

7. Choose to moderate photos and videos before they are posted

8. Choose from a set of supported languages (English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish) or translate your social network into any unsupported language by changing one file in the code

Discussion Forum

1. Start and tag a discussion

2. Add discussion posts and reply to those posts

3. Organize discussions by categories

4. Click through the personal profile pages of other members engaged in the discussion

5. View all discussions across your social network


1. Enable members of your network to create groups

2. Enable members of your network to make groups public or private

3. Add group descriptions, images, discussions, and members

Newsflash: Los Angeles No Longer “Sootiest” City In US published this deansguide article on May 9, 2008

A recent study completed by the American Lung Association has a new king of soot: Pittsburgh, PA . For the first time ever, Los Angeles is no longer considered the “sootiest” city in America. “Soot”, aka short-term particle pollution, is one of the categories that make up the overall clean air score given a city by the ALA in their “State of the Air” report.

Los Angeles still took the all-around pollution title: We’re #1 was never so well deserved. The shocking developments were two Utah cities making the top 10, Detroit sinking to #9, and in a obvious trend California dominating the top 10 with four locations.

Top 10 “Sootiest” Cities In America

1. Pittsburgh, PA

2. Los Angeles, CA

3. Fresno, CA

4. Bakersfield, CA

5. Birmingham, AL

6. Logan, UT

7. Salt Lake City, UT

8. Sacramento, CA

9. Detroit, MI

10. Washington, D.C.

When An Interview Goes Bad: “Technology” And How You Can Hurt Your Perception

Consumer confidence often hinges on perception. The perception of competence, expertise, and professionalism are vital to a Realtor. If your consumer targets do not believe you have any of the above you will lose every opportunity to remain in business.

The Real Estate industry, primarily agents, faces an uphill battle everyday to prove that they are technology savvy, progressive, and willing to provide the most up to date information to their clients. The perception remains, even though their are more tech savvy Realtors, that this industry is far behind.

An interview with 2007 NAR President Pat Combs, as featured on therealestatebloggers, does nothing to dispel this perception. Unfortunately it perpetuates it. The trouble begins at the 2:05 mark of the following video when a fax, copy machine, scanner, and typewriter are featured tools and uttered in the same breath as the word technology:

Realtor’s Sales Dream #3: Top 10-Earning Towns In America

If Realtors are wondering where the wealth is these days they look no further than Jeff Cox’s article “Best Places To Live: 25 top-earning towns.” Residents of these towns have the highest median household incomes in the country. If there is ever a hit list this is it.

The San Francisco Bay Area scores high with Hillsborough (Mid Penisula), Los Altos Hills (Silicon Valley), and Blackhawk (East Bay) reflecting the better than average economic conditions for this area.

Top 10-Earning Towns In America

1. Hillsborough, CA Median Income $263,456

2. Scarsdale, NY Median Income $219,317

3. Los Altos Hills, CA Median Income $199,370

4. Winnetka, IL Median Income $195,879

5. Chappaqua, NY Median Income $189,741

6. Glencoe, IL Median Income $187,043

7. Blackhawk-Camino Tassajara, CA Median Income $185,354

8. Great Falls, VA Median income $181,318

9. Weston, MA Median Income $180,549

10. Travilah, MD Median income $177,477

Realtor’s Sales Dream #1: The Top 10 Zip Codes And Real Estate published this deansguide article April 20, 2008
Chicago Sun Times published this deansguide article April 20, 2008

Realtors have many challenges in a down market like we are experiencing today. Even in the finest neighborhoods in America, the slow down can be felt. Yet one thing is certain-the higher the price point the higher the commission check. With that in mind, presents a fun look at America’s best “Most Expensive Zip Codes and Real Estate 2006.” Mark’s stats come from 2006 gives us a look at a market 2 years removed from the aberration we are experiencing now:

Top 10 (Counties) And Cities Median Price By Zip Code

1. 11962 Sagaponack (Suffolk), NY $2,787,500
2. 92067 Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego), CA $2,445,000
3. 92662 Newport Beach (Orange), CA $2,397,500
4. 94528 Diablo (Contra Costa), CA $2,266,00
5. 94957 Ross (Marin), CA $2,247,500
6. 11976 Water Mill (Suffolk), NY $2,150,000
7. 93108 Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara), CA $2,050,000
8. 90402 Santa Monica (Los Angeles), CA $2,005,000
9. 92661 Newport Beach (Orange), CA $1,996,500
10. 33109 Miami Beach (Miami-Dade), CA $1,942,500