Marketing Fundamentals Check List to Conversions

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The marketing fundamentals that act as the foundation and basis for generating leads from your website begins with the right tools and tactics. The following are the basics any business can establish as foundational pieces to your marketing program. If executed correctly, you will have the ability to convert new leads into clients. Are you utilizing the following?

Marketing Fundamentals Begins with Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics reports website visitor actions and acts as a historical baseline which you can utilize in order to measure present and future marketing and advertising campaigns. This is the marketing fundamentals foundation of your marketing program and it’s free. Key reports include:

  • Traffic volume and sources
  • Page view activity
  • Behavior flow through the website
  • Mobile vs desktop traffic
  • Organic search performance
  • Time on-site
  • Bounce rate

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

In the realm of importance, your CRM is 1a on the marketing fundamentals list. Your CRM acts as your historical database where you record your sales efforts from all the marketing channels. This provides an ongoing record of your effectiveness or lack there of when it comes to marketing your business. A multitude of reports can be pulled and analyzed. Data is the driving force behind your marketing decisions and without a CRM and proper use of this tool, your marketing efforts will be less than optimal.

SSL Certificate Encryption

Google has thrown down the gauntlet. Your business must convert from http to https or your site will be penalized in organic search indexing and a nasty warning icon will be placed on your SERPs listing warning visitors away from entering.

Website Speed Google’s Page Speed Insights

Speed is everything to consumers – is your site delivering fast load times? Find out by testing your site using the Google developer page speed insights tool.

Mobile Friendly aka Mobile Responsive:

Can users view your website from their mobile phones with easy or is your site showing up very tiny and unreadable? Find out by testing your website with this mobile friendly tool from Google.

Live Chat

Provide website visitors instant answers while remaining anonymous. It’s the #1 tool that provides instant access to website visitors who wish to remain anonymous.

PPC – Google Ads

Compete for prospects quickly without the large investment into SEO program costs. If you need to compete now this is the best most economical way to show up in Google search results.

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud software fights fraud by blocking malicious bot attacks that steal ad campaign budget monies. By 2023 click fraud will account for $50 billion in losses for business around the world.

Content Development

Website page content and blog content converts leads. Google penalizes websites for thin content. Google suggests your website pages by 1,500+ words and our blog articles be a minimum of 1,000 words. This is not always an easy requirement to fulfill.

Voice Engine Optimization (VEO)

VEO is the future and it is happening now. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice initiated. The days of typed queries dominating the search space are quickly coming to an end. Is your website ready to compete?

Each one of these tools and strategies is designed to make your marketing efforts pay off through a steady stream of leads that convert to new revenues. Are you utilizing this list?









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