3 Tips Sales Representatives Use to Win New Customers

sales representativesInsightSquared describes their company as “#1 in Salesforce Analytics for Sales and Marketing” that “delivers powerfully simple business analytics for companies of any size.” Their recently released one page research paper, “Should Your Sales Reps Keep Calling That Prospect”, includes important tips you can begin to utilize for your sales force.

InsightSquared’s Data

In a  three month period from June through August of 2013, InsightSquared studied over 21,000 sales calls in compiling their report that suggests three solid points for sales teams to consider:

Sales Call First Dial Importance

It appears that a sales person’s first call attempt is the best opportunity to reach a prospect as “connect rates drop 33% after the first dial.” Here are a few tips to make your representatives more effective:

  • Reps must be prepared and have their sales script polished and ready for the first opportunity to sell
  • Document and schedule the optimal time to call prospects
  • Make sure reps continue to follow-up on accounts when they have a decision maker’s contact number
  • Stop attempts to connect on weaker accounts after 6+ “touches” and return when lead flow is slow

How Many Times Do You Dial? 

According to InsightSquared the real gold is often found in the fact that “there are a lot of conversations buried in seemingly unreachable prospects.”Although it may seem incorrect to continue to call on a prospect after four or five attempts, according to their research, “even after 10 attempts, our reps were able to connect with their prospects almost 5% of the time.” Even though there is a rapid decline in “connect rates” at the beginning, there is a leveling off after the sixth dial.

Sales Call Organization

How many sales calls should you have your sales reps make on each prospective client? According to InsightSquared’s data the number of sales calls a rep makes to a particular client is “dependent upon your lead flow.” If your reps are working with an abundance of new leads then first contact calls should be the focus. Conversely, if the lead flow slows or is absent for the time being then representatives should spend the majority of their time trying to connect with old leads they have yet to contact.

2 thoughts on “3 Tips Sales Representatives Use to Win New Customers

  1. As a recipient sales calls, I prefer sales emails. The perfect timing of a call coming in at a time when I can have the conversation are rare. The message then goes to voice mail which, for me, has a much less ideal user interface for keeping track. An email sits in my inbox as a visible reminder.

    As far as how many times to call….I get a call every two days from Yelp. At one point I was getting a call every two days from Facebook. It went from “these people want to help” to these people are just annoying.

    • Danny,
      I agree that calling too often has the opposite intended effect. One of the most interesting cases of cold calls working is in the wine industry. For a reason I am still unable to understand, people buy wine over the phone when called. Susan and I worked with Call for Wine, since bought by a bigger firm, a company that had great success selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of premium Napa Valley wines over the phone.

      Granted they were selling to former or existing customer but the approach was the same. Email is another solid channel if you approach that channel from a direct marketing perspective. Direct marketing principles sometimes appear to be counterintuitive yet they have been proven to be successful over time.



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