5 Factors in Hiring a Social Media Consultant

Do you know how to hire a consultant? Inner Architect’s focus is Social Media Marketing based on the integration of social media channels with direct marketing  strategies. We focus on producing positive measurable results for our clients.

You are a COO, Marketing Director, or business owner and you are in charge of creating, executing, and maintaining a social media marketing plan. You understand the following challenges in executing this task:

  • Time: you do not have the time to execute and maintain your company’s social media marketing plan
  • Expertise: you do not have the expertise to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogging, or mobile applications
  • Expense: you do not have the budget to hire, train, and pay benefits to  new employees to execute your marketing plan

What Are You Getting From Your Social Media Consultant?

What are you getting when you hire a social media consultant to run your company’s social media marketing efforts?

  1. Goals: have you identified your goals? Do you want to drive traffic to a brick n mortar? Are you looking for ecommerce online store traffic? Is your firm interested in protecting brand recognition and reputation? Are you tasked with growth?
  2. Strategy: do you have a specific strategy that you want the consultant to execute?
  3. Plan of Action: did you receive a written plan of action from your consultant on how they will achieve your desired goals?
  4. ROI Measurement: Is your consultant explaining how he/she will measure their efforts within the chosen social networks to provide a clear picture of the ROI for your investment in their services?
  5. Progress Reports: Has your consultant set up a schedule of regular reports detailing their progress?

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