Did You Receive a Thank You for Standing Up Against SOPA?

In a world with corporations that do not understand the value of a 1:1 relationship with their customers, customer service can be a trying experience. In the recent attempted hijacking of our Internet rights by politicians backing the SOPA bill, I was asked to take a stand. The request came from a number of big Internet juggernauts: will you sign a petition, write your congressman or congresswoman, will you stand up against this tyrannical power grab? My answer was yes so I wrote my elected representatives and signed petitions against SOPA. Of all of the organizations I supported with my efforts only one followed up after our stand. Only one took the time to write me a thank you email. Only one was smart enough to recognize the power of a simple thank you even if it’s a mass blast email. Best of all it wasn’t from the big juggernaut I thought even knew I existed.

Thank you Google!


2 thoughts on “Did You Receive a Thank You for Standing Up Against SOPA?

  1. Your giving too much credit to Google, OK I acknowledge they responded to you, But the fight against SOPA and PIPA was not originated by the Big Tech guys, it came from the bottom up, and then the Big guys took a stand. Look around and thank your friends and neighbors who wrote in and took a stand.

    • Willie,

      This wasn’t about who originated the fight or who supported the fight. This post was simply about which organization or government entity thanked me for participating. Plain and simple, as much as you may like or dislike Google, they were the only ones who thanked me for participating.


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