Marketing Opportunities: Shared Online Interests Across Demographic Age Groups

A recent, excellent and instructive Pew Research survey showcases some interesting results for marketers to consider. Although Millennials have been leading all online age group demographics in web, social networking usage, older generations are beginning to adopt and use at a rate that is encouraging. The following are points from the Pew survey about Millennial online habits and the shared online habits of each age demographic. Do you see any opportunities?

Millennial Online Habits

According tothe Pew survey (chart at bottom), Millennials are “more likely to access the internet wirelessly with a laptop or mobile phone.” In addition, they still clearly surpass their elders online when it comes to:

  • Reading blogs
  • Use of instant messaging
  • Use of social networking sites
  • Using online classifieds
  • Playing online games
  • Participating in virtual worlds
  • Listening to music

Shared Online Interests Across Demographic Age Groups

Yet there is a continuing change taking place as both Millennials and their elders are beginning to share some of the same interests in a way never seen in the past. The following are online activities that are becoming “uniformly” popular across all age groups:

  • Email
  • Search engine usage
  • Searching for health related information
  • Getting news, breaking news
  • Travel reservations, purchases
  • Buying products, services
  • Performing online banking
  • Seeking religious information
  • Giving to charities
  • Rating products, people, services
  • Downloading podcasts

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