20 Answers That Test Your Social Media IQ

If you are learning and consuming information about social media you understand how it is an ever changing landscape. For that reason, I wrote “20 Questions to Test Your Social Media IQ” as a way to measure your basic knowledge. The following is the answer key to the first post. Please let me know if you feel you have a better answer to the questions.

20 Answers to 20 Questions About Social Media

  1. Many people have been credited with coining the phrase Web 2.0 yet one man is most recognized for this phrase and concept- name him. A: Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media
  2. What does the acronym RSS mean? A: Really Simple Syndication
  3. The term “blog” is short for what term? A: Web-log
  4. What is a hyperlink? A: a way to for a reader to reference  a blog post, profile, or other document
  5. Facebook requires that you create a ____________ before you can create a business _____________ A: profile.  .  . page
  6. Define SMS A: Short Message Service
  7. Twitter is based on SMS but is considered a micro version of ? A: microblog
  8. How many characters can you use when creating a Twitter “tweet”? A: 140
  9. When creating a blog article you need to tag the article- Why? A: Keywords or short phrases that describe your post topic. Helps readers find old posts
  10. What is the difference between a blog article and a blog post? A: None they are both the same thing
  11. Define the word “ping” as it relates to blogging A: Pinging notifies the search engines your blog has new content for indexing
  12. Which social network had the first IPO? A: LinkedIn
  13. What country did the company Baidu originate and what does it do? A: It’s China’s version of Google
  14. Google owns Youtube but what is the most important thing they have in common? A: Youtube, like Google, is a very active search engine
  15. Google owns Orkut; what is it and what country is it most popular? A: This is a social network very popular in Brazil
  16. What is Hootsuite? A: Tool to manage your social media network messaging
  17. Name the “B” grade actor that beat Larry King & CNN to 1,000,000 Twitter followers A: Ashton Kutcher
  18. What is Quora? A: A collection of questions and answers created, edited and organized by Quora members aka answer machine
  19. What is Foursquare? A: Geo-location based mobile platform
  20. What is a WAN, LAN, and wifi? A: Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Wireless Local Area Network