7 Must Read Social Media Sites for the Beginner

How often do you seek out new sources to read in order to educate yourself on social media and the rapid changes in social networking? Do you get comfortable with the long time favorites or do you seek out new sources. For those of you just beginning to follow the sea change in communicating and connecting we are experiencing, the following list should give you a basic starting point from which to draw.

Social Media Reading

Fastgush.com: a small site but very active, Fastgush often presents article from a different perspective than the big boys

Venturebeat.com: Venture capital news, funding, startups, reviews, gaming and so much more

Mashable.com: the biggest most successful social media blog, Mashable has a Webster deep library of how to guides, breaking news, and content avalanche

Techcrunch.com: the granddaddy of technology news blogs, Michael Arrington made a fortune and name for himself

Alleyinsider.com: easily the most entertaining, snarky, serious social media news source of the bunch. Fantastic writing, analysis and breaking news

Readwriteweb.com: excellent analysis, how to guides, and breaking news. Well written and diverse resource

SocialMediaToday.com: solid how to guides, articles, and objective analysis of social networks and 3rd party applications


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