Forbes Names Top 100 Small Businesses in America

Can you name the top 10 small businesses in America? Do you work at one of the top 100 rated small businesses in America? If you can’t answer either question you have company. Many people don’t know the answer to this question because they follow news about the behemoths of industry, the giants of growth, or the latest and greatest.

Forbes, one of the leaders in business journalism, presents their list America’s 100 Best Small Companies. In a previous post I asked you if you were prospecting your business community. This article could act as a resource for generating leads. I will list the top 10 but you can find the entire list of 100 Best Small Companies here.

America’s 100 Best Small Companies: Top 10

1. Medifast

2. Interdigital

3. American Public Education

4. Deckers Outdoor

5. WebMD

6. Nutrisystem

7. National Presto Industries

8. Industrial Services of America

9. True Religion Apparel

10. Transcend Services