Powerful Twitter Service For Your Job Search

“300-500 jobs are posted on Twitter per minute. . . Although there is quite a bit of “job pollution”. . . nonetheless the jobs are there.” Carmen Hudson CEO

Twitter third-party applications come in all shapes and sizes for all sorts of different needs. Finally an application has been built which filters through the “job pollution” and sends relevent tweets to prospective job seekers. describes themselves as:

“Tweetajob is a web based platform that interacts with Twitter, allowing recruiters to efficiently tweet jobs. Because our site allows jobseekers to specify location and career interest, you only receive those job tweets that interest you. Jobseekers can elect to receive job postings via Twitter feed, through the Tweetajob search engine or via mobile devices, according to personal preferences. Recruiters pay to post their jobs to Tweetajob.”

How do Job Seekers Use Tweetajob?

  • Open a Twitter account
  • Complete a Tweetajob profile
  • Choose the format you wish to receive job postings via Twitter feed, Tweetajob search engine or your mobile phone

Benefits of

  • only shares information with their contributing network of recruiters and employers
  • Job Seeker’s information is secure
  • Job Seekers receive relevant job listings via recruiters-employers based on the job seeker’s specific set of criteria most importantly including location based tweets