How Do You Measure Twitter ROI?

Full adoption of  Twitter as the choice social media engagement super tool is still in progress. Although many first adopter business niches and industries harnessed the power of Twitter early in the platform’s development, without demanding  white paper or ROI analytical proof, many American companies still lag behind. When the light does go on, some very important steps often are overlooked before launching a successful Twitter presence. One of the examples of an industry that still struggles to understand how to measure the ROI of Twitter is the wine industry.

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Steps to Measure ROI of Twitter in the Wine Industry

  • Direct Channel: understand that Twitter, as well as Facebook, is a direct marketing channel that can be measured
  • Life Time Value: realize that consumer purchases can be attributed to Twitter, as they are for traditional channels, creating a bench mark and life time value for each winery’s customer utilizing Twitter
  • Control: institute employee processes to capture consumer purchasing information in the tasting room
  • Train: train all tasting room staff, within the conversation with visitors, to uncover which channel brought them to the tasting room. Was it a Twitter offer, a Facebook page announcement, a telesales campaign, a email notification, advertisement etc.?
  • Integrated Database: the biggest challenge for wineries is to create one place where they can house all of their customer purchase information ie. tasting room, email, telesales, advertising, postal
  • Measure: even if the challenge of finding one database to hold all customer purchases across all channels is currently improbable, there is a set of services that can measure interactions, responses rates, and CRM campaigns within the Twitter environment

2 thoughts on “How Do You Measure Twitter ROI?

  1. I’m all for measuring ROI but I have to point out that although Twitter and facebook maybe direct marketing channels but using them exclusively or excessively for that purpose is limiting and not the wisest use of social media and actually counterproductive 🙂

  2. TP,

    If you are a social media consultant or “guru” why no avatar?

    TP: “. . . although Twitter and facebook maybe direct marketing channels. . . ”

    DG: Twitter and Facebook ARE direct marketing channels- there is no “maybe” about this fact. Traditional direct marketing channels postal, telephone, email, etc. Twitter and Facebook have just as much, if not more, potential impact on a businesses bottom line if utilized strategically.

    TP: “. . . but using them exclusively or excessively for that purpose is limiting and not the wisest use of social medi and actually counterproductive”

    DG: Any channel that is abused is not effective but your assertion is simply wrong. Here is what Dell is doing to produce millions of dollars in revenue from their Twitter feed without abusing the direct channel

    Before you condemn something try to understand it first.

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