#Hashable the Future of Connecting Now

Who are you connecting? What promises to be the next generation way to connect people with synergy, former Quigo entrepreneur Michael Yavonditte launched #Hashable.com. Hashable, according to Techcrunch’s Erick Schonfeld, “lets you introduce any two people via Twitter or email, and then follows up to see whether those intros were successful.”

How’s it work with Twitter?

Simply include the Twitter handles of the two people you want to introduce as well as @hashable, and the hashtag “#intro.”

If  I want to introduce maverick wine industry veteran winemaker Cathy Corison to innerarchitect.com CEO Susan Hanshaw I would:

  • You tweet: “@CathyCorison meet @SusanHanshaw I think you both have common interests and synergy #intro cc @hashable”
  • Hashable would tweet to both parties with a link to their Icebreaker page with bio information for both people and fast way to reply on Twitter

How’s it work with email?

  • Send email: email both parties and Ccing post@hashable.com
  • Private introductions: email both parties and CC dontpost@hashable.com

Game Changer

The real fun begins as you accrue points for each introduction you make. The more people you introduce “successfully the more HashCred you get.” HashCred is a point system that rewards you for particular actions that lead to a successful introduction. Hashable will provide incentives and rewards like Foursquare but with a true altruistic intention.

For more information watch Michael’s interview on Techcrunch TV.

3 thoughts on “#Hashable the Future of Connecting Now

  1. Hey Dean –

    This is so awesome – thanks so much for writing this great overview and for and sharing Hashable with your audience!

    We’ve got lots coming down the pipeline in the next several weeks to open up lots of other ways to use Hashable in addition to the intro. You’ll be able to post all kinds of connections with people – like every time you have coffee, lunch, beers, or a great meeting – so that you can show who your real and active network is over time based on who you connect with the most.

    AND we’re working on mobile – which will make intros & connecting with people as easy as picking two thumbnails from your phone!

    Anyway, thanks again Dean, you’re so awesome, this actually describes Hashable better than our own site and I’d love to draw from it a bit as we re-work our tutorial pages.

    Lastly, if you’re ever in NYC – I hope you’ll swing by our office to say hi – and hope all is well in the meantime!


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