Mine Twitter Retweet Tab For Multiple Benefits

One of the most underutilized tabs on your Twitter home page is the Retweet tab. Retweets are vital to building a viral marketing wave that carries your links to a larger audience increasing your company’s reach. Yet with all of the benefits  available, most companies don’t monitor this resource.

Retweet Tab Features

  • Retweets By Others: this tab showcases users, not in your network, who have retweeted their network. Mine this tab to find new companies or people to follow, links for research, and conversations to follow
  • Retweets By You: this tab showcases your Retweets. This tab provides Twitter users a history and information bank for their Retweets. Mine this tab for old Retweets of users you may have forgotten
  • Your Tweets Retweeted: this tab showcases your Tweets that others have Retweeted. Use this tab to find new people or companies. Mine this tab to find old Retweets of your content and reward those people with a Retweet of their content