Realtor Excuses: Don’t Worry Your Competition Might Not Know This- Yet

AnswerBag published this deansguide article 3-6-10

Chicago Sun-Times published this deansguide article 3-6-10

Realtors have the opportunity to stop using the old traditional sales and marketing channels of printed want ads, magazines, and other antiquated forms of lead generation and prospecting. Yet the vast majority still do not have a Facebook page (fan), Twitter presence, or a blog. Don’t worry your competition will not do the following to you- yet.

Stop Making Excuses: C-O-P-O-U-T

  • Collect: collect every story and testimonial of how you helped people buy, sell, and list their properties
  • Outline: outline your experience, licenses, awards, and accomplishments by dollar amounts
  • Position: highlight the niche or specialty that you want to be known for in your area. If you are a listing agent then list the reasons why someone should list their property with you- position yourself
  • Optimize: optimize your messages on all of your social networks by understanding keywords, how your messages will be indexed by Google, and what you need to do to place your information so it can be found by your prospective targets
  • Utilize: utilize only those social networks that you will work, learn the etiquette, and participate within. Utilization sometimes means less is more
  • Teach: teach your prospects and customers about real estate, about you, about the region, and about the industry. Become such a valuable information source, that prospective clients would not consider looking anywhere else. Looking for an example? Just see Active Rain’s own Brad Andersohn.

3 thoughts on “Realtor Excuses: Don’t Worry Your Competition Might Not Know This- Yet

  1. Thanks for the mention Dean, we all have the ability to make excuses, the key is to stop talking to ourselves and make sure we’re talking to others. Sharing the information, knowledge, and experiences I’m passionate about has connected me with some of the greatest Industry individuals I could ever ask for for, you included. Thanks.

  2. Brad,

    Your kindness knows no bounds! I really mean that sentiment. You are the embodiment of the etiquette and INTENTION behind the Web 2.0 Social Media movement. Thank you be well and keep up the fantastic sharing and caring! Rock on bro!


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