Favotter: Social Bookmarking For Twitter

Favotter is a social bookmarking service based on  Twitter “Favorites.” This service allows you to make recommendations as well as house important information for research purposes.

What Can You Do?

  • New View: allows you to see the latest up to date tweets as they they become Favorites and track the hottest trends on Twitter
  • Best View: provides the hottest tweets favorited that day
  • Favored View: this view allows you to see if your tweets have been Favored by other Favotter members

Favotter’s Internal Search Engine

Favotter Search: here are the features of Favotter Search

  • You can search all favored tweets for keywords
  • Search results can be sorted by favored count
  • Search results can be sorted by posted-time and
  • Search results can be narrowed down by who tweeted or who favored


  • Crawls favorites for 300,000 English speaking Twitter users
  • Crawls favorites for 100,000 Japanese speaking Twitter users


Favotter claims to have a mobile phone version but there are no links to an application or other information yet


2 thoughts on “Favotter: Social Bookmarking For Twitter

    • Hi David,

      It is very compelling to check a person or company’s “Favorites” section. You can use the Favorites section as a bank for:
      a. Research; b. Testimonials; c. Customers; Recon on Competing firms Tweets

      I would like Twitter to allow a user to “lock” the Favorites section the same way you can lock a List.

      Thanks for the comment

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