Yahoo and Twitter Strike a Partnership Deal

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Gamble&iid=5065726″ src=”e/f/b/0/Man_leaning_on_b23a.jpg?adImageId=10664733&imageId=5065726″ width=”234″ height=”312″ /]It was just announced on, within the hour, that Yahoo and Twitter have struck a partnership deal. According to Ben Parr’s post “Details: The Yahoo-Twitter Partnership” the deal between Yahoo and Twitter “would be comprehensive and more encompassing than Twitter’s search partnerships with Google and Bing.”The following is Parr’s description of the 3 major components of the deal our our “take” on each one.

3 Components of The Yahoo-Twitter Deal

  • Access to Your Twitter Feed on Yahoo: you will now be able to access your twitter feed via Yahoo Mail and other yahoo properties
    dg: This could be a significant development for Yahoo in their fight to remain relevant in the face of Google’s continued attempts to enter the social market with their own offering ie. Wave & Buzz.
  • Status Updates from Yahoo: you will now be able to update your status from “multiple locations” on Yahoo with Yahoo “becoming a Twitter client” according to Ben there is no word yet if this access will be via widgets or other methods
    dg: Being able to update your status directly from your Yahoo page or within one of Yahoo’s “properties” will keep more people from bouncing away from the site- but will it have a significant impact on “time on site” remains to be seen
  • Yahoo Search & Media Integration “Real Time”: “This brings Yahoo Search in line with its competitors in terms of real-time data.”
    dg: This may be the most critical piece as Real Time search will eventually and completely replace the “Web” search indexing Google has built it’s empire upon. Google is the leader in Real Time search and Yahoo has no choice but to follow