Twitter Strategies: Beware of What You Save in Your Favorites

Twitter’s Favorites section is a fantastic repository for you to save valuable research links, commentary from people you follow, proof that your efforts are working, or as a space to hold all relevant testimonials for your product or service. With all of this value that the Favorites section has to offer there is a dark side– a very dark side.

Beware of these Favorites Problems

  • Favorites can not be hidden or locked
  • Favorites can be accessed by the public like your tweets
  • Favorites can be mined and scrutinized by your competitors
  • Favorites can, if you favorite the “right” information, give your competition hints to your future plans
  • Favorites can showcase your prospects or current customers
  • Favorites can reveal the types of research you are examining


Until Twitter provides privacy or a locking option for your Favorites section, beware that what you place there can be used to evaluate your efforts.