Who Are You On The Social Media “Playground”?

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=playground&iid=178818″ src=”0175/262ce8d7-0daa-471b-9143-d6ad7dcc1b6a.jpg?adImageId=10211886&imageId=178818″ width=”380″ height=”250″ /]Social Media networks are like a grammar school playground. There is a culture, different players, multiple personalities, all trying to have fun, meet people or stay relevant. Has your company ventured onto this playground without any idea of the rules or people they will meet? Is there a disconnect going on between what your goals on this “playground” and how you will benefit from being there? Before you can begin you should know the players.

Who’s Who on the “Playground”

  • Wallflowers: the shy companies and entrepreneurs unwilling to listen or participate
  • Bullies: the companies or entrepreneurs that know how to search, find, and steal your clients if you are not there in a network. They will also talk about you and your products in less than flattering ways.
  • Chatty Cathys: the companies or entrepreneurs who chatter away about nothing, with no strategies or goals, and wonder why they accomplish little within a network
  • Eggheads: the social media savvy companies and entrepreneurs who have strategies and measurable goals for their social media efforts
  • Know it Alls: the companies and entrepreneurs that think they know it all, refer to themselves as the “experts” in their field- yet they really don’t understand social media or the strategies involved in leveraging a social network
  • Shy Guys: the companies or entrepreneurs that are too shy to write a blog or participate in a social network yet they know enough to listen to the conversations about their brand~ even if they don’t have a tool to respond
  • Yard Teachers: these are the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These guys make the rules, enforce the rules, and change the rules at their discretion. If you don’t get to know the Yard Teacher you are destine to never get along well on the playground

Your Homework Assignment

Give yourself a “grade” of Very Good, Satisfactory, Average, or Below Average when comparing your company or personal social media playground “personalities” to the above menu. Do you know who you are