Are You Going To Allow Ed Okun To Get Away With This?

Chicago Sun-Times published this deansguide article 2-10-10

Ed Okun the 1031 Tax Group convicted felon is at it again. He now has a website,, that is ranked #1 on page 1 of a Google search for the keywords “Ed Okun.” If you lost your life savings to this man and are not seeing any of your restitution monies, you may want to correct the record. Please tell us your story and refute the idea that Okun is innocent.

Here is the landing page for word for word- are you ready to tell the world it is garbage?

Ed’s Story

Ed Okun was living his dream.  A native born Canadian, he was a self-made, multi-multi millionaire, on a trajectory to reach the Forbes 400. Of course, as a successful businessman, Ed had a full set of executive trappings and “toys” : a couple of corporate jets, a helicopter, a summer home on 30 waterfront acres in New Hampshire, a waterfront home in Miami Beach, along  with a 106’ Broward motor yacht (complete with full-time professional crew).  When his business took him to Indianapolis in 1999, he even sponsored an Indy race car in 2005 which placed 14th in the Indy 500.

Ed’s special talent was recognizing potential opportunities in distressed Real Estate, acquiring title to the property then adding capital and vision.  He thus turned “losers” into “winners”, which he then syndicated to pools of investors to whom he offered and usually provided the necessary operating management services, and earned substantial profits for all (including himself).”

15 thoughts on “Are You Going To Allow Ed Okun To Get Away With This?

  1. Although I sat on the Jury for this case I believe 100 years is way to much. He is a very smart man. He should be made to use his smarts to not only pay people back but to help stimulate the economy in a legal way. Along with Bernie Maddoff and others like them. There are people who get away with murder.

    • Gotta agree, this dudes a scum bag, but more years than murder??? But you plan won’t work cause he couldn’t invest his way out of a paper bag.

  2. Wow how incredibly uninformed! Are you Ed Okun’s mom or a former lackey looking for one last payout?

    Ed Okun has NO talent. A man who steals people’s life savings, their retirement dreams, and willfully and maliciously spends that money on his Brazilian call-girl wife is dirt.

    Don’t bring Maddoff into this either. Whether you crushed and put people in jeopardy of homelessness on a one off scale or a grand scale you remain a complete scum-bag parasite.

    “Stimulate the economy in a legal way” are you high? Ed Okun is A LAZY PARASITE who does not want to work for his money but rather steal YOUR money.

    Yes there are people who get away with murder but this is not about those people. This is about a sociopathic rip off artist who destroyed hundreds of lives by taking life long working wages from average Americans wanting nothing more than to live there lives at a level above the poverty line.

    Wake the hell up!

    • You said it all in a nutshell, about a nut. Thank you, Dean’s Guide. You’ve been a great resource for we victims of Okun, in that were it not for your website many of us wouldn’t have connected with one another and had each other’s support over the last three years.

      Thankfully the US Attorney’s office flew several of us to Virginia to give our Victim’s Impact Statements at Okun’s sentencing hearing, which afforded a few of us the opportunity to meet one another. It haunts many of us to this day wondering how many victims out there may STILL be unaware of what’s transpired. They moved, they’re in retirement facilities, they died, whatever may have happened they were unreachable by the court system and therefore have only known their financial loss without answers.

      We’ve yet to realize national press coverage of this horrendous white collar crime committed upon us non-investors, which could so easily happen to anyone else. A heed of warning to anyone considering utilizing the IRS’ 1031 Exchange rule…..don’t.

      Again, thank you Dean’s Guide for your coverage!

    • I agree! He murder hundreds of people lives. Work and pay back are you kidding? When he had the chance to make an honest living with his knowledge he chose to still from hard working people. He got just what he deserved.

  3. West Coast DB,

    I believe we have spoken on the phone over a year ago? I am grateful for your wonderful comment and heart felt recognition! I agree 100% with everything you have stated. I am glad you were able to provide factual detail in Virginia!

    My best wishes go out to you and anyone victimized by Okun. I hope this blog remains a record of the travesty that was the 1031 TaxGroup masterminded by Ed Okun. Best wishes to all of you!


  4. He was not a self made man
    he inherited & million when he was 21 in Toronto I know as I dated him then.It was almost gone in 4 years.

    • Susan,

      You stated that you dated Edward Okun in Toronto? I don’t have the ability to check this out so I will take you for your word. Did you see anything that would indicate, besides the apparent habit of spending money quickly, he would become a con man?

      • No Except that he even fought with his mom and sister over hois inheritence.I think hid dad owed Odeon theatres. He was obessed as he was very short and had a napoleon complex.He liked fast expensive cars and blew about 7 mill .on bad real estate investments in about 4 years.He got the inheretance at 21.He then wanted to move to Miami.He did have a mean streak even then.

  5. i know ed personally, one of my family members worked for him personally at investment properties of america, and let me say he deserved every bit of what happen, he waisted clients money on big house and expensive car. he did care about all the hard working people who worked at that company and lost there jobs when this all went down. so I say let his ass rot in jail. everyone who worked for him tried to worn him but he cared about himself only.

  6. I also met him first in Miami in 79 during a weekend trip. Next I knew he landed on my doorstep in Minnesota. I moved to Houston that year and he followed. That was when he started making his “bad” deals that took me a while to figure out he was a con artist that got me into personal debt. Once again, I am glad he got caught, but wished it was A LOT sooner!

  7. Ed Okun is a sociopathic criminal who is a liar and con man.
    Society is so much better off with him behind bars.
    Any of those who believe he is innocent would not feel that way if they had lost the bulk of their life savings or any money due to Ed Okuns’ self serving lies and cons.

    • Gen,
      Rumors abound but nothing I can say is definitive proof of her whereabouts.
      At the time of my writing this story, I was contacted by a man who claimed to be friends with Ed Okun’s wife and knew Ed well. He painted a sad picture of the wife so it would not be hard to imagine her living a life of crime if the stories are true.

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