Twitter Strategies 3-Pack Of Articles Published By Mass Media

My kind publishers at Blogburst have helped me move my content into the mainstream through their connection to mass media. As a content provider for Blogburst, my articles have been published by such media luminaries as,,,, the Chicago Sun-Times and newsgroup, Ziff Davis Enterprise,, and The following is a three pack of Twitter articles published in the mass media

3 Twitter Strategy Articles Published in the Mass Media

1. Chicago Sun-Times and Post Tribune 3-24-09 ” Twitter Strategies and Tips For Beginning ‘Twitterers’ “

2. ComputerShopper 11-23-09 Twitter Strategies: 3 Steps To Avoid Being Mistaken As  A Spammer

3. ComputerShopper 12-30-09 Twitter Strategies: Twitter Jargon In Plain English

5 Key Questions and 5 Diagnositc Questions For Social Media Marketing Greatness

Before you begin building your social media marketing platform, you must answer 5 key questions or run the risk of failure before launch. If you have an under performing social media marketing plan and need help, the next step is to consider a review of the 5 key components to measure your plan’s effectiveness and value.

Inner Architect , Susan Hanshaw and Dean Guadagni, help companies with under performing social media marketing programs reposition themselves for greater results. Inner Architect helps companies that wish to launch a social media marketing plan, but don’t know where to start, build the right tools to achieve the company goals.

5 Questions About Your Social Media Plan

  • Have you adopted the right tools to effectively leverage social media as a marketing channel?
  • Are you participating in the social networks that best reach your target audience?
  • Do you know what to say in your messages?
  • Do you have an effective contact strategy?
  • Can you measure your efforts?

5 Components of Social Media Diagnostic

  • Social media overview: Analytical review of your social media presence
  • Profile analysis: Reports how well your profile is strategically positioned to maximize and attract opportunities
  • Diagnostic overview: Review to insure all your social media sites include your links, links are interconnected, and all your sites are pointing links to and from one another
  • Marketing analysis: Insuring that you understand how to send your blog article links, leave links in comment sections of blogs, and how to move your value message forward in a strategically targeted method
  • Traffic analysis: Insure your sites are open to traffic, check availability of widgets and their usage, and analyze your networking efforts within each social media site


If your company can not answer any or a majority of these questions then it is time for a social media marketing diagnostic. Before you begin investing time-money-manpower-effort into this vital strategy get more information on how to get started.

Follower Influence: How Do You Get Your Tweets Indexed On Google?

Google’s real-time search indexing for messaging that originates within a social network is the next big breakthrough in SEO for businesses. Although there are many pieces to the algorithm that make up how Google indexes your Twitter, Facebook, and other messaging, one piece can clearly influence your results on Twitter.

The Influence of Your Twitter Followers

One of the pieces that influences how your tweets are indexed within Google is how many followers you have on Twitter. Yet this is not as important as the algorithmic measure that takes into account the people who follow you and the number of followers they have in their network.

Hubspot’s How Your Twitter Authority Affects Google’s Real-Time Search Results is a fantastic post on this subject.

Hubspot’s TwitterGrader

My Top 6 Influencers aka Followers


The ability of businesses to have their social networking messaging indexed within Google searches will be dependent upon how well they “target” their audience, attract followers-fans, and continue to engage each network with  specific goals designed to help them build their content online for SEO purposes.

Help Twitter Users Make Money: Rate Twitter ReTweets Via FAV Scoring

Businesswoman holding blank paper

In “Favorites the New ReTweet Measurement” we posited that by placing special tweets in the Favorites tab you could then ReTweet those favorites providing your network of followers a look at the tweets you felt were the most important. This would be accomplished by using “FAV” in front of the tweet. The FAV acronym would tell the reader the tweet was Favorited by you and that it was of the utmost importance.

Consequently it makes sense to create a scoring system for ReTweets aka a FAV score. Due to the fact that users are now able to sell their influence, via tweeting advertisements into their stream, on a per tweet basis- a rating system must be created. For more info on paid tweeting see the San Francisco Chronicle’s: Startups Cash in on Twitter with Pay-Per-Tweet

Rating ReTweets: FAV Score

  • Percentages: Twitter should devise a tab within the Favorites tab that provides percentage of Tweets vs ReTweets. How many of your tweets are ReTweeted?
  • Point System: Twitter could devise a point system based on an algorithmic formula rewarding users based on their percentage of FAV from their tweets that are RTed
  • Rewards: Twitter must begin rewarding users for their viral abilities. With the new influx of advertising dollars available to users with influential follower bases, it’s imperative that users have statistics to back up their “viralability”

Twitter Strategies: Favorites The New ReTweet Measurement

Forked road in park

Here is a simple and powerful viral Twitter Strategy I wish to propose. If you are like me you currently utilize your “Favorites” feature as a repository for the best tweets- a resource Twitter library of sorts. Why not RT your favorites section as another method of viral effectiveness for your network? Instead of using the automatic RT tab or “RT” tag the tweet with “FAV”-this would indicate it was a Favorites selection.

Favorites: The New ReTweet

  • Collect: tag every important tweet you find each day
  • Review: review and choose the best 1-2 tweets
  • “FAV”: ReTweet your favorite tweet but instead of using RT use “FAV” to indicate that you chose this tweet as a favorites selection
  • Rating: using “FAV” would give a tweet more influence or importance since it was something you were willing to tag and save as a Favorite selection
  • Measurement: using the “FAV” would be a way to measure your tweets importance as you could count and save (favorite) your own tweets which were FAV of your network

7 Reasons Why Basketball Today Is Terrible: No More Showtime Lakers?

As a player, coach, and lifelong fan it is difficult to watch the way basketball is coached, taught, and played over the last 15 years. Simply put I don’t like it, I would not play it the way it’s being played, and I would never coach the style that is predominantly used today. This post is dedicated to my close friend and lifelong Laker Fan Scott Moriyama!

What’s Wrong With Basketball Today?

  • The 3 Point Line: it has ruined the game by slowing it down, softened the attacking style of true fast break basketball
  • Spot-Up Shooters: this should read lazy players. Spotting up at the 3 point line and taking lower percentage shots is ruining the flow of the game
  • Mid Range Game: nobody can hit a 12-15 jumper because they either concentrate on launching 3′s or dunking- there is a big doughnut hole in the game today called bad shooting
  • Shot Selection: Oscar Robertson played the game where you take what you can get- a 10 ft shot, then the next time down a 5ft shot. Always look for the highest percentage shot. Today it’s launch from the arc and pray!
  • Volume Shooters: these are the players that need 30 shots a game to score 15 points, think they can shoot, but should not be shooting at all- sorry Jamal Crawford but you have been the poster child for most of your career
  • Conditioning: today’s players are not in full court running condition- they could never play at the pace the game demanded in the 1980s
  • Fast Breaking: today’s fast break is run from the wing. The fundamentals of moving the ball to the middle with two players filling the wings and running 3 on 1 breaks is gone! Nobody does it, nobody coaches it. Yet it is what the Boston Celtics, LA Lakers, and all of the powerhouse teams of the 70′s and 80′s ran to perfection resulting in higher shooting percentages, better games, and a more competitive atmosphere

The Past & What Is Missing From Basketball