Twitter Strategies 3-Pack Of Articles Published By Mass Media

My kind publishers at Blogburst have helped me move my content into the mainstream through their connection to mass media. As a content provider for Blogburst, my articles have been published by such media luminaries as,,,, the Chicago Sun-Times and newsgroup, Ziff Davis Enterprise,, and The following is a three pack of Twitter articles published in the mass media

3 Twitter Strategy Articles Published in the Mass Media

1. Chicago Sun-Times and Post Tribune 3-24-09 ” Twitter Strategies and Tips For Beginning ‘Twitterers’ “

2. ComputerShopper 11-23-09 Twitter Strategies: 3 Steps To Avoid Being Mistaken As  A Spammer

3. ComputerShopper 12-30-09 Twitter Strategies: Twitter Jargon In Plain English


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