5 Key Questions and 5 Diagnositc Questions For Social Media Marketing Greatness

Before you begin building your social media marketing platform, you must answer 5 key questions or run the risk of failure before launch. If you have an under performing social media marketing plan and need help, the next step is to consider a review of the 5 key components to measure your plan’s effectiveness and value.

Inner Architect , Susan Hanshaw and Dean Guadagni, help companies with under performing social media marketing programs reposition themselves for greater results. Inner Architect helps companies that wish to launch a social media marketing plan, but don’t know where to start, build the right tools to achieve the company goals.

5 Questions About Your Social Media Plan

  • Have you adopted the right tools to effectively leverage social media as a marketing channel?
  • Are you participating in the social networks that best reach your target audience?
  • Do you know what to say in your messages?
  • Do you have an effective contact strategy?
  • Can you measure your efforts?

5 Components of Social Media Diagnostic

  • Social media overview: Analytical review of your social media presence
  • Profile analysis: Reports how well your profile is strategically positioned to maximize and attract opportunities
  • Diagnostic overview: Review to insure all your social media sites include your links, links are interconnected, and all your sites are pointing links to and from one another
  • Marketing analysis: Insuring that you understand how to send your blog article links, leave links in comment sections of blogs, and how to move your value message forward in a strategically targeted method
  • Traffic analysis: Insure your sites are open to traffic, check availability of widgets and their usage, and analyze your networking efforts within each social media site


If your company can not answer any or a majority of these questions then it is time for a social media marketing diagnostic. Before you begin investing time-money-manpower-effort into this vital strategy get more information on how to get started.


One thought on “5 Key Questions and 5 Diagnositc Questions For Social Media Marketing Greatness

  1. One note on links if you have multiple sites. Your main site should not have any outbound links from the main landing page which should also be your home page. All of your other sites should have text links using the keywords related to your main site’s home page.

    You can find out more about this by Googling – power of the mini net

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