Follower Influence: How Do You Get Your Tweets Indexed On Google?

Google’s real-time search indexing for messaging that originates within a social network is the next big breakthrough in SEO for businesses. Although there are many pieces to the algorithm that make up how Google indexes your Twitter, Facebook, and other messaging, one piece can clearly influence your results on Twitter.

The Influence of Your Twitter Followers

One of the pieces that influences how your tweets are indexed within Google is how many followers you have on Twitter. Yet this is not as important as the algorithmic measure that takes into account the people who follow you and the number of followers they have in their network.

Hubspot’s How Your Twitter Authority Affects Google’s Real-Time Search Results is a fantastic post on this subject.

Hubspot’s TwitterGrader

My Top 6 Influencers aka Followers


The ability of businesses to have their social networking messaging indexed within Google searches will be dependent upon how well they “target” their audience, attract followers-fans, and continue to engage each network with  specific goals designed to help them build their content online for SEO purposes.


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