Twitter Strategies: Favorites The New ReTweet Measurement

Forked road in park

Here is a simple and powerful viral Twitter Strategy I wish to propose. If you are like me you currently utilize your “Favorites” feature as a repository for the best tweets- a resource Twitter library of sorts. Why not RT your favorites section as another method of viral effectiveness for your network? Instead of using the automatic RT tab or “RT” tag the tweet with “FAV”-this would indicate it was a Favorites selection.

Favorites: The New ReTweet

  • Collect: tag every important tweet you find each day
  • Review: review and choose the best 1-2 tweets
  • “FAV”: ReTweet your favorite tweet but instead of using RT use “FAV” to indicate that you chose this tweet as a favorites selection
  • Rating: using “FAV” would give a tweet more influence or importance since it was something you were willing to tag and save as a Favorite selection
  • Measurement: using the “FAV” would be a way to measure your tweets importance as you could count and save (favorite) your own tweets which were FAV of your network

5 thoughts on “Twitter Strategies: Favorites The New ReTweet Measurement

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    • Mani,

      Thank you for the solid question. Because of my workload, I have not truly tested whether the new Twitter will be more effective. Please let me know your thoughts if you test it.


  2. It doesnt work that way. Favorites ONLY appear in YOUR favorites collection. The recipient will see a fav on their notificatios, but no one else will ever see it.

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