7 Reasons Why Basketball Today Is Terrible: No More Showtime Lakers?

As a player, coach, and lifelong fan it is difficult to watch the way basketball is coached, taught, and played over the last 15 years. Simply put I don’t like it, I would not play it the way it’s being played, and I would never coach the style that is predominantly used today. This post is dedicated to my close friend and lifelong Laker Fan Scott Moriyama!

What’s Wrong With Basketball Today?

  • The 3 Point Line: it has ruined the game by slowing it down, softened the attacking style of true fast break basketball
  • Spot-Up Shooters: this should read lazy players. Spotting up at the 3 point line and taking lower percentage shots is ruining the flow of the game
  • Mid Range Game: nobody can hit a 12-15 jumper because they either concentrate on launching 3’s or dunking- there is a big doughnut hole in the game today called bad shooting
  • Shot Selection: Oscar Robertson played the game where you take what you can get- a 10 ft shot, then the next time down a 5ft shot. Always look for the highest percentage shot. Today it’s launch from the arc and pray!
  • Volume Shooters: these are the players that need 30 shots a game to score 15 points, think they can shoot, but should not be shooting at all- sorry Jamal Crawford but you have been the poster child for most of your career
  • Conditioning: today’s players are not in full court running condition- they could never play at the pace the game demanded in the 1980s
  • Fast Breaking: today’s fast break is run from the wing. The fundamentals of moving the ball to the middle with two players filling the wings and running 3 on 1 breaks is gone! Nobody does it, nobody coaches it. Yet it is what the Boston Celtics, LA Lakers, and all of the powerhouse teams of the 70’s and 80’s ran to perfection resulting in higher shooting percentages, better games, and a more competitive atmosphere

The Past & What Is Missing From Basketball

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