4 thoughts on “Twitter Strategies: 5 Tips How To Avoid Perception Of A Spammer

  1. I’ll always be slightly “upside down” because I use Twitter as a substitute for an RSS reader. I follow many sources (e.g. NYT, Daily Dish) with no expectation of being followed in return.

  2. Stephen,
    Thank you for your feedback. I think you are missing a better way of doing things. Let me outline 2 tips that would help you have what you want in research while actually building an audience:

    1. You can simply create a second twitter account to perform your research and fill that account with all the feeds you wish to follow

    2. Even better would be to create Twitter list(s) sliced as narrow as you like and fill each list with the feeds from the resources you are researching.

    You can have your cake and eat it too by using either of these tips. If you don’t want an audience at all then why did you personalize your Twitter account with your name and picture? http://twitter.com/stephencon

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