Twitter Strategies: Targeted Follow List For DM Power

DM Spam from @ScottPotential

One of the biggest Twitter mistakes many brands make is to either blindly follow everyone that follows them or follow nobody . In the first case, the stream gets clogged with useless spam junk. In the latter, your brand is perceived as arrogant. If companies considered the DM channel a valuable tool to communicate authentically they could leverage it for a number of activities.

5 Reasons Why Targeted Follow List Cleans Up the Direct Messaging Channel

  • DM Spam: Following targeted consumers ensures that your direct message (DM) channel will contain (primarily) useful messages from your prospective consumers, partners, or networking partners
  • DM Messaging: a direct message is more useful as a “clean” private channel to deliver information
  • Perception: if consumers know your DM messages are filled with useful content, they will pay attention to your messages and consider them valuable
  • DM Marketing: once a brand’s DMs are known to be valuable, a company can then deliver call to action marketing messages
  • DM Sales: the DM channel is NOT a sales channel. If a brand utilizes marketing and informational messaging they will be very effective with their consumer base

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