Twitter Strategies: 7 Day Waiting Period On Direct Messages

DM spam

Holy smokes Scott this is the lamest attempt to persuade me to do anything-  let alone what I already do in my business. Did you even look at my bio my friend? Do I really “Rock”?  Wow what an offer how can I refuse?– deansguide

The worst aspect of Twitter, the microblogging sensation with multiple benefits, is their implementation of a Direct Message feature. Known as a “DM”, this feature has morphed into the biggest spam tool and channel on the social network. Affiliate marketers, Multi Level Marketers, hard sell rip off artists, and anyone with a scam can (and WILL) deliver their messages.

The problem of DM spam is so previlant that the majority of savvy Twitter users do not monitor this channel more than once a week. What can Twitter do about this problem?

3 Twitter Ideas To Curb DM Spam

  • 7 days: require a 7 day waiting period before a DM can be sent when a follow-follower relationship has been established
  • Opt In-Out: create a opt in-out option where Twitterers can either choose to receive DMs or turn the DM channel off
  • Penalties: automatically penalize Twitter spammers who violate “content regulations” created to stem the tide of unwanted hard sell sales pitches and phishing activities

4 thoughts on “Twitter Strategies: 7 Day Waiting Period On Direct Messages

  1. I like the 7 day waiting period and opt out provisions. I also have an effective way to reduce DM SPAM. I’m pretty selective about whom I follow. Just because you follow me does not automatically mean I will follow back. I’ll look at your twit stream and determine the value of your information. If I see mostly messages about your latest MLM scam or your business or how I can make my teeth white, I’m not likely to follow. I believe in free speech, so I am not trigger happy on the block button. A couple things that will automatically get you blocked and/or reported as SPAM:

    1. Send me an @reply pimping your business. When I find out you have zero followers and are following no one, Block & SPAM

    2. Follow me and let me find something in your twit stream about looking at your dirty pictures, Block & SPAM

    3. If I follow you and you send me even ONE DM pimping your business, Block & SPAM

    It’s working pretty well so far.

  2. good one!
    and then i discovered yesterday the “@”spam that was new to me but i clicked on the twit name and reported blocked as spam.. seems to work..thanks for all your efforts to retain some of the initial good that is twitter!


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