Twitter Strategies: 8 Reasons To Make “Following” Widget a Blogroll

A following blogrollWhat fixes or features would you implement on Twitter if you were one of the principles? If I could fix something simple it would be to give each user control over the “blogroll” aka people you follow list that shows on the right side bar. This “following” widget shows the last 36 people or companies you have followed. What if you could choose the 36 people or companies who are displayed in this widget? This widget then becomes a true blogroll and it’s functionality becomes very important. This is what I could accomplish with this new feature:

8 Reasons to Make “Following” Widget a Functional Blogroll

  • Showcase: I could provide exposure for my most influential people-companies I follow
  • Best of Class: my following widget could be populated with the best providers of information
  • Perception: the perception of me or my company suffers in the eyes of my followers if less than appropriate or different people are showing up in my following widget aka blogroll
  • Change: provide each user the ability to change their “blogroll” daily, weekly, or monthly. This would allow me to run blogroll themes. Examples would include best of social media; social media companies, best hyper local resources, best regional information, niche information
  • Hashtags: I could feature the most prominent Twitterers from hashtags
  • RT: I could feature the most prominent RTers of my information as a recognition and thank you
  • DM Abusers: I could feature companies or people who use the DM as a spam messaging channel; This would be a warning system for users
  • Unfollowing: this could be a list of people or companies I am about to unfollow

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