Seller’s Agent Networking Strategy: Target Employment Agencies

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One of the most intriguing networking strategies for Realtors has yet to be truly leveraged here in Northern California. The idea is simple: Realtors should seek partnerships with employment agencies and individual headhunters as their next referral niche. At the same time, employment agencies and their individual headhunters should be targeting successful relocation agents for referral opportunities

Benefits of Networking with Employment Agencies

  • Lead Generation: employment agencies deal with job loss which often results in a necessary quick sale of primary property, investment property, or vacation home sales
  • Partnership: Realtors who partner with employment agencies could have an added value over their competition if they are privy to jobs, the hidden job market, and can guide people to those positions
  • Value Add: relocation agents could market their services with the special value add of  employment information via their employment agency partnerships. They become the go-to source of employment information for their region or niche. Ex: Silicon Valley would be a prime place for an aggressive agent to become a go-to source of employment information
  • Employment Agency Associations: by networking with employment agencies the possibility of involvement into employment agency associations could accelerate the referral process
  • Speaking Engagements: joining or being invited to speak at Employment Agency Associations would provide more opportunities to broadcast your business to a new audience

Realtor’s Strategy: Utilize Pictures-Video to Elicite an Emotional Response

Real estate is all about location, location, location whether it means the location of a property or the location of your marketing efforts. We toil long and hard to ensure we are utilizing facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogging and other social networks. If you have a social media marketing strategy, you are already ahead of the masses that are sure to continue to adopt all of these networks. Whether you have a social media marketing strategy or not, here is a “location” that inspires me.

This is a shot of a vineyard row, taken in November of 2008, during late harvest in the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley on the Silverado Trail. This picture represents the passion and love I have for this location–do you use pictures and video to elicit an emotional response?

deans Stags Leap 2008