Twitter Strategies: Hybrid ReTweets aka ReTweetCombos

In what was purely a chocolate meets peanut butter accident, ReTweeting took on a new possibility for me. I am not sure if this is a new Twitter strategy or simply a “renaming” of something old. With that spirit in mind, I decided to combine a RT with a with a blog article I produced. For lack of a better phrase, let’s call this new experiment: ReTweet Combos or RTC for short.

What is a RTC?

A ReTweet combo is the combination of a tweet you feel is valuable enough to recognize, by ReTweeting, and one of your own articles or that of another resource.  Here is an example of my first ReTweet Combo:

RT Combos

In the example, I am ReTweeting @mashable’s tweet about UCLA’s Study that describes how searching on the internet activates your brain. The second link is to my deansguide article “Twiter Strategies: How Smart Do You Want To Be?” which describes how research on Twitter will make you smarter and more relevant.

Benefits of ReTweet Combos

  • Recognize Your Resources: your RT recognizes your resources of people and companies
  • Building: by adding your own article or an outside source you are building upon the original RT idea
  • Authority by Association: by adding a link to your work you could be tied to that person-company’s concept
  • Networking: this could open up the lines of communication for networking

Possible Negatives of ReTweet Combos

  • Authority by Association: the original source of the tweet may not want to have a “partner” in a RT
  • Disagreement: the original source may not agree with your link regardless of whether it is your work or that of a 3rd party
  • Recognition: the original source’s information could be overshadowed by your information if it is stronger or more relevant

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