2 thoughts on “Twitter Strategies: How Secure Are Your Tweets?

  1. I would love to have people come to “visit” me unannounced and for nefarious purposes.
    Oh, and before you come, ensure your paperwork is all in order.

    Gosh, I am unarmed. Isolated. Alone and oh, so vulnerable. Please don’t hurt me. I’m so fragile I might break.

  2. Greg,

    Maybe this is a joke to you? Maybe you yourself are new to the internet since you have a stock avatar and no picture. Or maybe you decided not to allow people to see a picture of you for security reasons.

    Maybe this is you? http://www.gregoryhensley.com/

    It doesn’t matter Greg. What matters most is the fact that people do get murdered, assaulted, and are victims of other crimes DUE to their willingness to provide to much information.

    I hope you can understand this is no joke.

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