Twitter Strategies: Twitter_Tips’ Viral “Sharing” Strategy

Our deansguide article “Twitter Strategies: #FollowFriday to Recognize and Attract New Followers” was RT aka ReTweeted today by the powerful and important Twitter_Tips Twitter service. The results have been excellent with 195 page views from this one RT. The viral passing of this link is also impressive with the Twitter_Tips network of followers numbering 136, 050 and counting. During my due diligence in investigating where my traffic was originating, I discovered a neat trick that Twitter_Tips uses to save time and create more recognition opportunities. This is a great Twitter strategy that everyone should utilize.

Twitter Strategy: “Share”


Above is the RT by Twitter_Tips of the deansguide article. Twitter_Tips provided this RT without the traditional “RT”and they used it for #Followfriday further showcasing our article. Here is the cool tip:

  • 1st Shortened URL: this is the http://mp/mtdNg and it is a direct link to the deansguide article
  • Share: here is the cool tip. After the word “Share” is a link that when clicked on brings the reader directly back to Twitter with the RT already written out ready to be tweeted like so:


The finished product above makes it extremely simple and compelling for readers to:

  • Virally pass your article along to their network
  • No need to write a RT as it is already prepared for the reader
  • Waste time positioning links
  • Waste time deciding whether to RT or not to RT

What is Cloud Computing? San Francisco’s Web 2.0 Expo Video Explanation

What is Cloud Computing? You may know the answer or you may actually think you know the answer. The following list of Web 2.0 experts know the answer. They are bringing the answer to you in various ways, with many benefits, and in a creative interview style. The question “What is Cloud Computing” was asked at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco in September.

Do you know the answer?

The Players

Tim OReilly Dan Farber Matt Mullenweg Jay Cross Brian Solis Kevin Marks Steve Gillmor Jeremy Tanner Maggie Fox Tom McGovern Sam Lawrence Stowe Boyd David Tebbutt Dave McClure Chris Carfi Vamshi Krishna and Rod Boothby