Twitter’s Impact On Web 2.0: Making The Web More Sensory Like

Tim O’Reilly, the driving force behind the concept of Web 2.0 and a genuine social media thought leader, details why Twitter is becoming the leading social network in today’s social media world. The interview is conducted by President & CEO Blaise Zerega. Asked to compare social networks to human “senses” and to name the most important social network, O’Reilly nails it with these ideas:

  • Unexpected impact: “I don’t know if there is a single new thing, right now, or if we will notice it right away. People didn’t know how big Google would be in 1998.  .  . if there is anything in that category today I would say it’s Twitter.”
  • Twitter’s Impact: “The thing that has impressed me the most about Twitter is it’s brought real time to a peak on the web”
  • Trend: Twitter’s impact on how we expect  real time information is “making the web more sensory like. . . “
  • What Does it mean?: “It means you start to build systems for stimulus and response.”
  • Humans & Computers: “There is a whole part in what we’re building here, is this new hybrid human computer machine”
  • Constant Factor: We are moving toward a “Collective Intelligence” which will cause a “Revolution in Business.”

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