Twitter Strategies: How To Create a First Time Auto Response Direct Message

The worst method of messaging on Twitter is the DM aka direct messaging channel. Built as a private messaging channel for people to connect with private information, it has quickly deteriorated into a channel of autoresponder spam messages for MLM, affiliate marketers, and useless junk. The following is the best and most palatable method to utilize autoresponder DM for a first time message to a new follower.

Auto Response Direct Messaging Strategy: The Only Way to Do It

I received this DM from dave_carpenter a  “Success partner for high achievers” whose mission is “Helping people to be the very best they can be.” Nice work Dave as you found a way to leave a first time auto response direct message:

DM Twitter

Conclusion: Dave Does it Right

Dave’s message is:

  • Honest as he states he is “Auto-confirming” aka using a autoresponder so the message is not personalized yet
  • Reassuring the rest of his direct messages will be personalized
  • Affirming he wants to learn more about you by “hearing your voice”
  • Tone of honesty and transparency makes his message very compelling
  • Follow Dave @dave_carpenter the link is above

4 thoughts on “Twitter Strategies: How To Create a First Time Auto Response Direct Message

  1. I don’t know, I’ve found the AutoDM to be the thing I just avoid altogether.

    Sure, Dave’s tone is fine. But 98% of the DMs are not like this, and most involve Mafia and other invites.

    My counsel is to avoid Auto DMs.

  2. I dislike most auto DM’s. Statement 1 is honest and impersonal making statement 2 necessary. The rest wouldn’t impress me much. That said I use TrueTwit as a verification service to help me sort out followers and people for the most part have responded well to: BradHart uses TrueTwit validation service. Please follow this link to validate your profile. Thanks

    It really helps sort out who is serious about following me and wants to be followed in return. Beyond this I rarely initiate DM’s with anyone other than my wife.

  3. Dave,

    I am with you 100%. I think that 99.999% of the auto DM first time messages are garbage MLM, affiliate marketers, hard sell con artists, and Mafia game geeks! But remember it is a valuable channel as long as the message is personalized. Once you get to know someone it is also a great way to filter information. But overall, I have become so numb to the dumb messaging that I barely read DM’s anymore. Thanks for commenting!

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