The 10 Worst Marketing Tips: A “Marketing Gurus” Guidebook to Fame

Tony RobbinsIn “Top 10 worst marketing Tips” Barbara French states “. . . somebody out there is giving lots of companies dubious marketing advice.” Barbara’s list is a combination of real advice and a tongue n cheek look at the marketing consultants who claim to be social media “gurus.”  Let’s take a look at Barbara’s list and our thoughts.

“Top 10 Worst Marketing Tips”

1. BF: Let’s add 2.0 to that noun

dg: Web 2.0 is full of semantics that apply and then there are “marketing gurus” who come up with yet to be coined phrases hoping their semantic entry will catch on

2. BF: Let’s add 3.0 to that noun

dg: There is NOTHING more infuriating than to hear a “marketing guru” who does not understand Web 2.0 yet has christened their definition of Web 3.0 as the coming trend

3.  BF: If we use a cat in your video, it’s sure to go viral

dg: All furry animal videos result in youtube stardom and eventual guest appearances on Letterman right?

4. BF: Don’t worry about running it through legal review — this is the social web

dg: Use common sense, create a plan and rules for all employees participating in social media. Passing this on to legal is a sure fire way to add months to your launch

5. BF: We need to differentiate your message. Let’s turn all those keywords into verbs by putting an “ize” at the end

dg: Semantics and jargon are like salt– use sparingly. If you plan to humanize, personalize, economize, capitalize, or victimize anything- just say no

6. BF: It’s a mistake to strive for excellence. You should aim for good enough

dg: What is excellence to one person may actually be “good enough” to the rest of us. Strive for perfection and then fall short

7. BF: Every blog post should be short and pithy

dg: You could be Hemmingway yet nobody, according to useability expert Jakob Nielsen, reads more than 30% of your blog articles. If your readers are going to skim, then be short and pithy

8. BF: Create good content

dg: What’s wrong with good content? Write it and they may or may not come to your site. Write crap and they definitely will never show up

9. BF: Let’s place your messages where customers don’t expect to see them

dg: Ah yes the “we’ll fake them out by showing up where nobody goes” approach. This is a time tested path to failure

10. BF: Be brilliant

dg: Why didn’t I think of that? Brilliance is so underrated!


4 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Marketing Tips: A “Marketing Gurus” Guidebook to Fame

  1. Hi Barbara,

    My apologies for not providing a trackback to your blog. No excuse for this lapse except to say that I am writing 2 blogs, authoring 4 Twitter accounts, and supervising 3 Facebook pages. My deansguide “work” has really taken a backseat. Honestly I never thought someone of your stature would find my mention of your work or have the time to write such a kind comment.

    As for commenting? I am sorry and will comment more often on blogs that matter such as yours. I find that my networking efforts are most successful when I comment and engage with other bloggers.

    Thanks for the reminder and I hope you will continue to check in now and then. Be well!


  2. I’m glad that we’ve been able to share ideas. You make interesting and intelligent observations. I like your taste in curating links as well. Nice collection.

    Appreciate what you’re saying about available time and attention. Didn’t post at all to my blog this week, and barely tweeted, due to overwhelming offline project workload. Weeks like this I tend to use what time I have to read other’s thoughts and conversations rather than write my own. That’s not such a good way to cope either.


  3. Hi Barbara!

    I am flattered by your comment and kindness. I can completely relate to the time issues involved in all our social media efforts. You sound like it’s been a long week; I like your idea of commenting and then coming back fresh the next week to write.

    Thanks again you made my day!


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