Twitter Strategies for Entrepreneurs: #FollowFriday Tips


One of the most impressive Twitter “traditions”, and Twitter Strategies for adding followers, is an online meetup called #FollowFriday. In the spirit of giving, Twitterers have set aside Fridays as a day where they can recommend people in their network to other Twitterers as people worth following. Micah Baldwin the creator of #followfridays had no idea how big his online “meetup” and recognition party would become–a growing trend


#FollowFriday: How’s It Work?

The Hashtags aka pound sign before a word or set of words were created as:

  • “Hashtags were developed as a means to create “groupings” on Twitter without having to change the basic service”
  • “A community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets”

#Followfriday is one example of a hashtag here are a few more:

  • #Domus: Used by Domus Consulting Group for online training purposes as a place to gather webinar attendees
  • #SanDiegoFires: Nate Ritter, the inventor of hashtags, used this method to mark his tweet updates on the San Diego Fires

Twitter Strategies: #Followfriday

  • Mine Favorites: review your favorites section to find people who have added the most valuable links that you have saved
  • List Favorites: write a list of people you have added into your Favorites section who give the most value for you
  • Groups: write your #Followfriday messages with flair. Take a group of people from the same niche, industry, or category and recognize them together.Example: “Fantastic new thought social media strategiests worth following @pkitano @peterkim @Webguild @dannybrown @timoreilly #followfriday”
  • Recommendations: during your #Followfriday efforts use a combination of messages. Write three #followfriday messages then create a Mr.Tweet recommendation. Note: make sure to check the auto tweet option on your Mr.Tweet recommendation so it shows up in your tweet stream

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