VistaPrint Complaints: 5 Viral Strategies to Challenge a Bully

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VistaPrint’s No Customer Service: Documents Complaints” outlined my poor experience with VistaPrint and my decision to never use their products or services again. This article, as of May 8, 2009, is indexed in the #6 position page 1 of a Google search for the phrase “VistaPrint complaints.”

My Promise to VistaPrint:

As I promised in my intial article, I have become “a consumer affairs advocate fighting hard to highlight the no customer service” treatment I received. My plan was simple: write a blog post about what happened and tell all of my friends in my assorted social networks of my experience.

My Blog:

  1. Article: I wrote the article describing my experience
  2. Google Search: I performed a due diligence search on VistaPrint utilizing the keywords “VistaPrint complaints”
  3. Links: I provided a list of 5 respected media sites, consumer advocacy sites with information on a variety of complaints lodged against VistaPrint. WordPress provided me my own category

Activerain is an important social network, with 145,000 registered users, where I have many real estate friends. I wrote a second article detailing my experience and that article now sits on page 2 of a Google search for “VistaPrint complaints” “VistaPrint: How Not to Run Your Company a Cautionary Tale

This is one of my favorite social networks with an estimated 8-9 million registered users. I have over 1,300 followers on Twitter and counting

  1. Tweet: I tweeted my experience with a link to my deansguide article
  2. @VistaPrint: In my tweet I used the @VistaPrint to notify them of my article

Because I utilize the Typepad application on my Linkedin profile, my social network content from Twitter ends up streamed to my Linkedin profile. In addition my application streamed my article on VistaPrint making it accessible to my 398 1st level connections and their networks as well aggregates all of your content that you place online. Recently it has become the hot new mover with many Twitter advocates moving to ramp up their networks on Friendfeed. My article, my tweets, and my conversations about my VistaPrint experience has streamed on my Friendfeed account

3 thoughts on “VistaPrint Complaints: 5 Viral Strategies to Challenge a Bully

  1. Haviung never been a Vista Print customer, I was annoyed when I first started receiving their spam about a year ago. The first month, I tried to unsubscribe at least 20 times, but still kept getting daily spam from them. After 6 months of unsubscribing, I called the corporate office , and reached a real human being, a Jason Keith @ 781-652-6266. After being assured by Mr. Keith that I had to be a customer to get their emails, he checked, and found out I had never been a customer of theirs, and was flabbergasted as to how I could get their spam. He put me on their suppression list, and said that should be the end of the spam. The next month I forwarded the emails I received to him, and he again apologized, and had no clue as to how that would happen. After az few more months of this going ion, I was finally given to someone in their spam department, a Leah Waiken 781-652-6384. They researched the email, and told me it came from one of their marketing “partners”, and I would have a contact phone number for them, as well as a date and time stamp from where I supposedly signed up for their spam later in the day. Of course, I still am waiting for that information, and I have been pestering them for 4 days now. They all hide behind voicemail. I have also called and left messages for the president of Vista Spam, Robert Keane (main number 781-652-6300), and he hides behind voice mail as well.

    I suggest everyone call and register complaints with the spam with these people. Please inundate them with complaints, and maybe we can all get this spam to stop.

    I will not surrender to these spammers, and neither should any of you out there. I hope I cost them toins of money researching these spam, and get this to stop. I also make sure to click their paid listings in google at least 10X per day, to cost them money there as well.

  2. I have received attrocious customer service from Vistaprint. My impression is that they simply do not care – I placed an order and paid the addition fees for 3 day delivery. When the product did not arrive after 10 days, Vistaprint said they would do me the favour of reordering it and sending it out 14 days later – wow – thanks alot.

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