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According to VistaPrint has many dissatisfied and angry ex-customers with complaints aka nightmares ranging from customer service to billing. VistaPrint is a low budget, high promise printer. makes it’s living, not on the quality of it’s products, on the shipping fees it charges for it’s orders. With the knowledge VistaPrint was all about the “delivery”, I assumed that they would be able to print and deliver my cards to my home before my deadline: WRONG.

Three (3) Business Days?

We placed our rush 3 business day ship order on Monday April 27 with the idea that Vista Print would deliver our cards in 3 business days ie. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with the product arriving either Thursday April 30 or the morning of May 1, 2009.

My Mistake

When we ordered the cards, we did not read the fine print which states that orders placed after 5pm PST would be placed as orders for the following day. Consequently, Vistaprint’s promise of a 3 day ship would give up to 5pm Friday May 1 to deliver our cards.

My Problem

We needed business cards for a conference that we were speaking at in San Francisco. We had to have the cards no later than 12:30pm Friday May 1. When we had to leave for the conference, our cards were no where to be found.

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Vistaprint’s Solution to My Problem: No Customer Service

I called asking for a refund on my shipping fees of $30.80 (3 business day rush shipping). I was told by a customer service rep that they could not help me and they fulfilled their end of the “contract.”

I pointed out that 3 days is not a rush in my opinion, that $31 for shipping is not cheap, and that the cards never arrived in time for me to use them. The answer to my plea was simple and stern: NO REFUND.

Final Offer: Remain a Customer or Leave

My final offer was simple and one that I have made in the past when I felt I was getting the raw end of a deal. I offered to remain a Vistaprint customer if they provided a refund on my shipping fees. I promised to be a consumer affairs advocate fighting hard to highlight the no customer service I was receiving if they denied my request. Guess what happened?

Top 10 Page 1 Google Search: “Vistaprint complaints”

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38 thoughts on “Vista Print’s No Customer Service: Documents Complaints

  1. Vistaprint is involved in something much more insidious that poor customer service.

    Using Vistaprint could very likely lead to you being signed up to FAKE discount clubs and hundreds of dollars benig taken from you Visa/bank without your knowledge or permission.

    I have a huge blog post with all the details of all of the different scamming sites Vistaprint and Adaptive Affinity run and how best to get a refund.

    If you don’t believe me check this blog and the scores of comments form people who have been ripped off!

    According to the Washington Post this negative option selling scam earned the parent company Ventura $650 million in revenue in 2006.

    If you have already used Vistaprint, start checking your bank statements.

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  3. I really appreciate what you have saying on your blog. It is very interesting and I like it. When having business we can’t avoid without experiencing from complaints. Complaints is a factor where consumer to get interact what they feel on the products and services. It is also the way to get improve to make them satisfy. During my search for today I found an interesting portal for consumers – Business Complaints

  4. I have never been a Vista Print customer, but keep getting inundated with their spam emails. You cannot unsubscribe successfgully. After sever call to their “customer service” department, I ended up talking with a guy in marketing by the name of Jason. His contact number is 781-652-6366, and I would love to see this guy get tied up answering nothing but complaints for either services or thier spam. I have supposedly been put on a suppression list, but after 9 months, I still cannot get their spam to end, and I will be yelling at this clown again tomorrow, when he will be in the office.

    Jason 781-652-6266 Marketing Department, Vista Print.

    Let’s keep him busy 24/7 on copmplaints. He is NOT a CSR, b ut somone who has some authority there.

  5. Here is VistaPrint’s main customer service number, if it helps anyone. It was super hard for me to locate and I think it should be more readily available! 1-866-891-7213

    • Could you please give me the “customer service” number for Vista Print? I have searched their website thoroughly but was unable to find their toll free number.

      I would greatly appreciate your help.


  6. I get 5 emails a day from this company and can’t get my name removed after many requests! Hit them in the pocket by clicking on their add on Google or ring their toll free number and leave the phone off the nook.

    VistaPrint Corporate: 001 781 652 6300
    VistaPrint UK: 0800 028 8251

    Lets all do and and add your name to this site when you have done it. Lets all get the bastard spammers back!

  7. David,

    You made me spit my coffee out with your suggestions. Vista Print is truly sleazy in many ways but let’s not act like them. Instead the best way to kill them is to do it with the power we all have: word of mouth.

    If everyone who hates this company wrote blog articles about them, told their 10 best friends never to use them, and completely hammered them in any conversation that would make a much bigger difference!


  8. I too had a bad experience with Vista Print. They shipped my first order of business cards which took about 4 weeks to receive. Little did I know that the logo was incorrect. I contacted a rep and was impressed that they took fault in printing the wrong logo and shipped a new batch free of charge which took 7 business days. I received the new cards and once again the logo was incorrect!

    I called them again and explained the issue once more. This time the rep said it was a problem with the logo I was choosing and that they had the work around. They apologized for the inconvenience and shipped the third order which also took 7 business days, free of charge. I finally received the business cards yesterday. I was so excited, thinking that this time the cards were going to be right. NOT! The logo was correct but the foil was not printed on the card as I created and ordered through their website. Mind you the foil is an extra charge to get printed on the business cards.

    So, I called them today and I demanded that I get a full refund if they could not print the correct card. They said they couldn’t give me a refund but that they could give me Vista Print credit towards my next purchase from their website. At this point my blood was boiling. I went nuts and told them that that’s not what I wanted. After 40 minutes on the phone back and fourth, they refunded my money back to my credit card. Luckily they I didn’t purchase these cards from my debit. I would’ve faught to the end to get my refund back! At this point it was about the principal and nothing more. Stay away from Vista Print!!

  9. I suggest to write an article about vistasprint scam scheme on wikipedia.
    The entry would not be “vistaprint”, but rather sthing like “vistaprint scam scheme”

  10. I have used vista print for almost 7 years and I have always recieved my orders HOWEVER I am very bothered that there is no business phone I really wanted to ask a question about a product and had no one to contact and that makes me very nervious to keep using them. The thing I like is that printed invitations are very cheep almost the same price as the ones you have to fill out yourself

    • It’s a good thing they don’t have a customer service respondent. I would have been stuck with one of their bogis schemes then. I live in Europe but I am with the US military. I kept trying to click on their special sent to me through an email ad and it wouldn’t let me since my IP address is in Germany. I wanted to call them to tell them I am an American soldier living in Germany and I have a U.S. mailing address (APO). So thank you all for saving me otherwise I was going to call until I reached someone and then I would have placed an order and I would have been taken!!

  11. I have ordered several times from Vista Print and was always satisfied. I made sure not to click on the “offers”. I ordered once again on 12/2/09 and was told I would get order by 12/23. I got two of the items almost right away but have still to get the business cards and the stickers. I went ahead and told my credit card company not to pay them until this is resolved.

  12. Couldn’t agree more with everyone else here. Vistaprint sucks and their customer service is completely worhtless. I’ve tried contacting them about 5 times about my last order and have gotten nowhere. I will never use them again.

  13. Call 781-652-6264 Mike 6267 Mary Ann Thomas, 1.781.652.6211 or 1.800.721.6214 – The above numbers do not work try the ones I just posted. The 781 numbers will get you right in to a live person that you can have forward you onto where you need to go. The 1.800 is a loop.


    – GOOD LUCK!

  14. Does anybody know of a number I can ring for vistaprint, not the 0800 number. They suspended our website last friday for reasons unknown and we have emailed customer service now about 9 times since to no avail. We cannot ring the 0800 number as we are in Spain. This is very tedious as we are potentially losing business with every day.

  15. If you call the “781” numbers you will reach someone in the corporate office who will provide you with the following number to call (800-721-6214). This 800 number will go directly to Vistaprint’s customer support.

    – Good Luck!

  16. I was given the number 1-866-614-8002 and chose option 5 (I think it was option 5) for “all other concerns” and got right through to a person. I told them about my printing error and they offered to reprint it for free and let me know that I could expect it within a week. I’m expecting a similar print quality, but appreciate their offer to redo it.

    I agree with the above posts about poor print quality. The cuts are off and on black ink you can see a separation of colors (sometimes a red or yellow bleed around black text).

  17. Thank fully my issue was resolved by me logging in and out a few time. Still unclear why I did not have access to my website\ I spent 30min at least attempting to get in and work on doing some editing!!! Such a waste of time! Thankfully it’s resolved and their phone number is toll free!!! Who knows how long you’d actually have to wait on hold for???… Thanks for much for posting the impossible mystery number to find. Why are there so many? Which ones actually work? I called 1-866-891-7213 and hung up before anyone answered…

  18. Vistaprints customer service number in the UK, the O800 number has now been down for ages and is completely unavailable. I am really losing patience with them. Trying to get my website online and I have to speak to someone to make it so. Aaaargh

  19. does anyone have the australian contact details for vistaprint, as the only number i have is a automated service

  20. Vistaprint offers horrible Customer Service. I paid for 3 day delivery as well and never got my product. In the future I won’t be conned by their free offers – IF I use them again it will only be for the free offers and I will make sure to choose the least expensive delivery method.

  21. I placed an order with vista print on Friday evening, 1500 folded business cards.. It turns out the template which Vistaprint provide (which is the correct way to set up folded cards) is actually wrong for how the card is set up… to cut a long story short I am owed £80.85. I was told on Friday a ‘Manual Refund’ would take place and this was a wire to my account and would be instant… Tuesday arrives still no refund. I called again to find no refund had been requested and it would now take 4 to 6 weeks to receive the refund. Legally I have to receive a refund within 28 days!!
    The customer service Manager also refused to send me an email to confirm they are processing my refund – what the hell?

    I will never use this company again, I will now call them every day to request my refund and I will also be sending an email to the OFT tonight.

    The moral of the story is.. DON’T USE VISTA PRINT.

  22. I placed an order with vistaprint. What I received did not reflect what I had ordered regarding colour and intensity. Their customer complaints department just runs you round in circles and never addresses your problems. Absolutely hopeless. Do not use Vistaprint.

  23. VistaPrint has no customer service. If you can finally call someone for customer service and get a customer service number, you will get an electronic answer when called and they will ask you to email them you question and you will get a response within TWO days. I finally talked to someone from a number listed on this site and all I got was excuses. They apparently are a European company, that has purchased this company from a US site, and they belive customer service suffices by using email Very sad. Also on the instructions they sent when I purchased an electronic business card, I was told to click on a link for instructions to explain how to installin my Outlook account, and when I did it takes me back to my order page with no instructions. Very sad…..stay away from this company.

  24. Just wanted everyone to know as of 01/24/2011 this is the number for Vista Print customer service 1-866-891-7213. It is not posted on the website.

  25. Maybe I can offer an option for all of the unhappy vista print customers of the future. Please visit us at we are a U.S. based print company, we would like to believe we offer good customer service and turnaround times we can also be reached by dialing 855print85


  27. I have been using Vistaprint for several years now and have found their website and print services to be inadeqate and overriced to what is available in the market today. Look around before you buy and compare. I have found better companies for printing and I am in the process of changing my website over as well.
    Remember if you need Vista print phone assistance you will have to Google their phone # as they do not provide it on their site for customers. Once you do reach them expect a 20+ minute phone call with unsatisfactory results.
    For small businesses it is better to find a company that can grow with you and is customer oriented.

  28. I only wish I had found these comments before ordering from Vistaprint. I would seriously recommend anyone considering using this company to look elsewhere.

    Not only did Vistaprint fail to deliver my order within the timescale for which I paid a premium, its customer service representatives are now seeking retrospectively to change the terms of the transaction that we agreed in order to avoid paying a refund. More insulting than Vistaprint’s failure to fulfil the agreed service is its staff’s willingness to use outright lies (that are contradicted by the Vistaprint website and invoices sent at the time of order) to try to avoid responsibility. I have genuinely never seen such appalling conduct from any company I have ever dealt with.

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