Kevin Pollack Social Media Adopter: My Generation’s George Carlin

Kevin Pollak is one of best combination comedian-actors of my generation. He has the impressionist abilities of a Rich Little combined with the satirical humor of the great George Carlin. But what makes Kevin even more special to me now: he uses social media. Kevin is an avid Twitterer and he has a wonderful collection of videos on Youtube like the one above.

Twitter @kevinpollak

Kevin understands the viral power and connectivity that Twitter brings any celebrity, brand, entrepreneur, or corporation. With 164,918 followers (fans or evangelists of his work) Kevin’s network will carry his messages of projects, appearances, and new material throughout the internet.

kevin-pollak-twitter Power

Kevin’s network on youtube is expanding as he has 10 videos and counting. People feel as if he is listening and engaging. His youtube work funnels more fans to his website. The connectivity strategy is working. Consider the ideas Kevin and innerarchitect uses for their career-you can do it too!



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