Okun Juror Speaks Out! Okun Guilty Could Face 400 Years: deansguide Odyssey Ends

FoxBusiness.com published my 500th article on 3-19-09

The following is an amazing comment sent to deansguide from a person claiming to be one of the  Ed Okun jurors in the Ed Okun criminal trial. The often sad and terrible case of Edward Okun has just ended in a courtroom in Richmond, Virginia. The verdict: GUILTY!

Editor’s Note: I became aware of Ed Okun through a title insurance source who tipped me to the fact that a very nasty scandal was about to hit a number of investors in Silicon Valley in April of 2007. That tip led to my participation as one of the leading information sources for the Ed Okun ponzi case. In that time the following ocurred:

  • I met 16 of the original 350 Trainwreck members with Elizabeth Callanan leading the charge of information and a true force behind much of my writing
  • I  consulted with  Mike Maiello Forbes Magazine editor on the case
  • My mystery caller, from Miami, claimed to have inside Okun information (which he did) kept in contact with me throughout the proceedings
  • I was threatened by a powerful New York law firm where one of the principles had a very shady past
  • I was threatened over the phone by an unknown caller who claimed to be “connected”
  • I was approved as one of the only blogs, by the US Attorney’s office in Virginia, to move information forward regarding dates and times. This was the work of my good friend Elizabeth
  • I highlighted 3 Okun victims who lost their life savings and attempted to provide new information
  • I wrote upwards of 70 articles on the Okun case and surrounding path of wreckage in the number of lives effected, savings stolen, and retirements ruined

Okun Guilty

Although the laundry list of charges include, according to the Associated Press story, 23 counts of fraud, money laundering, bulk cash laundering, and making false statements, the following comment really says it best:

Christy Steensma

I served as a juror on the Edward Okun case in the U.S. Eastern District Court of VA. While we (the jury)found him guilty of all charges today 3/19/09, it was hard watching Okun as the verdicts were read. I am now able to see all of the stories that are out there about him and all the damage he has done to so many people. It helps verify that the jury made the right decision based on the evidence we were presented in court. I know that many lives were ruined, but am glad to know that I played a role in stopping him from harming anymore people.


5 thoughts on “Okun Juror Speaks Out! Okun Guilty Could Face 400 Years: deansguide Odyssey Ends

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  2. Who was the powerful NY firm? Dreier has a shady past now. Shapiro seemed to have fallen off the map. Who?

    Wish we had all the jurors emails so we could thank each and every one of them. This is a good day!

  3. Thanks for all your efforts publicizing this story. I too am one of the victims, and though I did not lose “millions” like others (a small amount in comparison!), in my perspective, I may have lost more. Some victims still own multi-million dollar Bay Area homes. I did not. I lost not only my retirement and can no longer live in the Bay Area, but I can no longer retire now, as planned. It’s like starting all over again. We can thank these folks who had the money to hire attorneys and fight for all of us, get the right people involved to chase Orkun; for it’s always about money, even with criminals being convicted. One must get used to the fact that, even though he will hopefully see justice, we most likely won’t see a dime still from our losses. In this country, one can go to prison instead of paying back what they stole. An unfortunate fact, but one I and others must live with.

  4. To All Concerned

    Unfortunately my son Richard Simring was caught up in this scheme in a very minor way resulting in no losses to investors and no monetary gain to him.

    Richard will be sentenced August 13, 2009.

    If you were to GOOGLE Richard Simring … Richard B. Simring … and Richard Brian Simring


    and the “Information “labelled “Indictmnt”

    all on the internet

    The only conclusion a reasonable person can reach is that Richard committed no crime …that he should not be branded a felon or incercerated and that all charges must be dismissed.

    If more infrmation is desired please e-mail me and I will forward addiional proof of these statements.

    Thank you.

    Ellis Stewart Simring

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