National Association of Realtors’ Twitter Strategy: Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to NAR asking them what their Twitter strategy delivers to their constituency. My point was to highlight the fact that NAR dubs itself “The Voice of Real Estate” yet they did not give Realtors a voice when on the social media site original post “National Association of Realtors’ Twitter Strategy” shows the following screen shot of NAR’s Twitter account:


The date of this shot above was February 17, 2009 and it shows that NAR was follow 0 as in zero Realtors on Twitter.

Strategy for NAR:

The best strategy for NAR would be to follow what well known pundits like Guy Kawasaki and companies like Starbucks do with their Twitter strategy: follow everyone. On Twitter the best method to recognize your audience, and that is the main focus or should be for NAR, is to follow them when they follow you. Here is an example provided by Starbucks Coffee:


Starbucks follows all the people and companies that follow them. They engage their audience and provide their audience, consumers, and evangelists the opportunity to directly communicate with them.

3 Benefits For Following Everyone Who Follows You on Twitter:

You can’t receive DM aka direct messages from your audience of Realtors UNLESS you follow them back. Simply put when a Realtor follows you, the ettiquette and strategy of following them back immediately opens the lines of communication. This allows you 3 advantages:

  1. You can receive feedback on your products and services
  2. You can measure your marketing and social media campaigns
  3. You can open a direct dialogue with the audience you claim to serve

Update on the “New Strategy” at NAR

Apparently somebody is listening but not really understanding. Whoever is in charge of the NAR Twitter strategy decided to follow roughly 6% of the Realtors and professionals who follow them. Here is the NAR Twitter page as of March 3, 2009:


A Step in the Right Direction

Although this is a step toward the strategy they should consider, following 42 out of the 743 followers that are your direct audience and constituency seems a tepid effort at best. At least NAR is making progress in the right direction.


3 thoughts on “National Association of Realtors’ Twitter Strategy: Update

  1. Valid points Dean. The reason why NAR is not re-following or proactively following Twitter users/NAR members on this account is because it’s been a bit of an experiment. To date, most of the content is auto-generated from various data feeds that NAR provides. There’s not a human on the other side to respond to @’s or D’s. The account and the infrastructure behind it are not yet ready listen properly to those who would respond back to it. Following on Twitter is a commitment to listen. We can’t adequately do that just yet. But stay tuned.

  2. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for coming in and providing feedback. I truly understand how a company, small or large, can be under tremendous pressure to wear multiple social media hats. I also understand how tough it is on employees of these companies, I am one of them, who are forced to take on more tasks than they can possibly handle. It is tough and time is limited.

    With these realities recognized, I am just wondering why NAR would risk their perception on a bot responder with auto generated content from various auto feeds? I understand the desire to move info forward to your constituency, but it seems very risky to begin your Twitter presence this way.

    The NAR Twitter bio that describes NAR as “The Voice of Real Estate” that listens is especially damaging to your reputation.

    Why not place a “statement of function” on your Twitter bio that explains you are simply broadcasting information and will begin to follow and provide voice to your constituency later on in the year?

    By explaining your intentions, you truly appear transparent, no misunderstandings can be made, no wrong conclusions reached, and NAR is then “covered” during the time it takes to put a body on the account.

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