Job Seeker’s List of Top 25 Social Media Networks

The Chicago Sun-Times published this deansguide article 2-10-09 published this deansguide article 2-10-09

In the first article in this series aimed at helping job seekers and entrepreneurs, I chronicled how not to organize your work day. I then provided a template for how to organize your day in the world of social media. The response has been overwhelming. People are demanding a list of the best social media sites aka social media networks available today.

The following is a list of the top 25 social media “networks” as ranked by traffic (visits per month) in a great retrospective article by Andy Kazeniac of “Social Networks: Facebook Takes Over the Top Spot, Twitter Climbs.” This is a retro look at Andy’s original ranking of the Top 25 last year.  Note: Twitter came in at #22 on that list–look at them today.

Top 25 Social Media Networks:

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If you are a job seeker you should be concentrating your efforts on establishing a strong presence on #5 and #3 Although is #1, it has more cache for entrepreneurs looking to capture audience for a product or service.


4 thoughts on “Job Seeker’s List of Top 25 Social Media Networks

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  2. Great thoughts. In terms of finding employment, I view LinkedIn has not as much connecting with others, but having a online resume, Facebook as leveraging your current network for intros, and Twitter as a way to find intros yourself. Other sites for entrepreneurs include and (though both have a ways to go). Also, Jeremiah Owyang does a good highlighting opportunities in tech.

  3. Hey Eric!

    Thanks for the great comment. I appreciate your thoughts and I agree except with the idea that Linkedin does not connect people. It really does but in a different and more cautious way. If you spend time joining groups, answering questions, and asking solid questions the results may surprise you. There really is a community that connects on the site; it is just a more time consuming process. But like many things in life-the wait is worth the effort.


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