LandAmerica Exchange Services Victim: “Any Class Action Lawsuits Yet?” published this deansguide article 12-12-08

Another deansguide readers, in the growing line of LandAmerica exchange victims, has spoken out. The message from Cathy is loud and clear. How do victims, who have lost their entire or majority life savings, pay for legal assistance in pursuing their “stolen” monies?

The Conundrum

1. Spend Money: pursue “lost” life savings by using what little money you have left or going into debt to attempt to pay for legal representation.

2. Chalk It Up: chalk it up to experience. Do not pursue recovery by spending money. Hope for the best but do not chase your money with more money. Allow LandAmerica to skate free of charge.

3. Legal Action: hope for a class action lawsuit where no investor’s money is required to possibly recover lost monies.

Cathy’s Comment

“I, too, have a big chunk of change stuck in LES. Now, I know I have to file my proof of claim, but who can afford a lawyer, now? Are there any class action lawsuits going on yet against LES? Hate to give what little I have left to an attorney.

thanks for anything.”


10 thoughts on “LandAmerica Exchange Services Victim: “Any Class Action Lawsuits Yet?”

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  2. In reference to your question if there is a class action lawsuit in reference to LES, there is going to be one filed by our firm. Please email me (I return to the office 12/29/08) if you want to be part of the class and
    would like more info.

    Suzette Warren

    • We are a couple affected by the bankruptcy. We deposited $165M. Got paid $40M and would like to be part of a class action suit.

      You may contact my email with details. Thanks.

    • I’m interested in being part of the class action suit.

      In addition, I believe we have rights against : the Board Members, the Executives, the employees, who lied, the government, who licensed these companies and failed to regulate them, definitely the government,
      Sun Trust and Citibank – who sold the Junk.

  3. PLEASE HELP! In regards to class action lawsuits filed against Landamerica 1031 exchange Co, I have only located one attorney/firm specifically (Robert Brace in So. Calif). I googled Suzette Warren (without any success), who posted a note on this blog saying her office was about to file, but I could not locate any information on her. If anyone knows of any other attorneys (name and city they are located in) that are planning on–or have already filed–a class action suit against these crooks–please let us know! Thanks for your time and consideration!

  4. You can reach Suzette Warren at
    The Law Firm of
    Hollister and Brace, 1126 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
    (805) 963-6711
    Attorney Robert L. Brace, ext 219
    Secretary Suzette Warren, ext 203
    Claims Administrator Vicky Munoz, ext 233

    Please call us and ask for Robert Brace to go over detailes and e-mail me your contact information, I do have you listed in our database and have an address in Pacifica, my e-mail address is
    Vicky Munoz

  5. The class action lawsuits should direct to the government too. Government established 1031-exchange law but failed to protect citizens who obeying the law. Why there were not regulations for 1031-exchange companies ? Where was the licence , insurance …………..

  6. I recently lost $125,000 in a 1031 exchange fraud in Boulder, and agree with M Li’s comment on February 5th, that the US government is somehow culpable. Does anyone know of a class action suit against the government, who created the tax code but failed to create regulations?

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