Ed Okun Attempting Appeal For Freedom November 5: Victim Instructions Here

Newsflash: Ed Okun is attempting a final bid for his freedom with a renewed appeal for release. The news came from original Ed Okun “Train Wreck Victim” Elizabeth Callanet. This is an outrageous and disturbing turn of events that every victim should be aware is happening. Elizabeth’s request is in accordance with deansguide’s approval as one of the only sites certified to deliver important information to the victims of these heinous crimes. The following is Elizabeth’s message in it’s entirety:


“Okun’s renewed appeal for release pending his criminal trial in Jan will be heard in Richmond this Wed, Nov 5, at 1:30pm (New courthouse address: 701E. Broad St. 7th Floor). If any victims plan to attend they should let Kim Ulmet, the Victims’ Assistance Specialist ( contact information provided below). She’s very helpful and informative about the players and the proceedings and will ensure victim’s get to the right courtroom and/or know if the hearing has been delayed, relocated, etc.

In addition, several of Okun’s victims are asking the Court to permit telephonic participation (i.e. a service that would permit Okun/Coleman’s victims around the country to listen to the criminal proceedings by phone) since, thanks to them(Okun-Coleman), none of the them (victims) can afford to actually travel there! Any victims having interest in listening to the trial by phone (there is a cost, but it applies only to the length of time during which one listens, and one could listen to some or all of just some sessions and not others), they should write to the court asking that they approve of using that service (a first for this court jurisdiction).

Write, FAX or email letters to Kim at the address below and she will make sure they get forwarded to the appropriate office:”

Kim Ulmet, Victim/Witness Specialist
United States Attorney’s Office
600 E. Main Street
Suite 1800
Richmond, VA 23219
Fax (804) 771-2316
email: kimberly.Ulmet@usdoj.gov

Very Important Notice to Okun Victims Regarding Your Address:

“On a final note, 1031 victims are receiving in the mail copies of a proposed settlement between the Trustee (McHale) and Cordell. Any victims who have not received it, should write to McHale, the Trustee at jerrym@trustee1031taxgroup.com , to let him know that he ( and perhaps the bankruptcy court) don’t have your address/or your correct address. To ensure the Bankruptcy court has your correct information, also write to:”

Kathleen Farrell-Willoughby
Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court
One Bowling Green
New York, NY 10004-1408

“It is vitally important they have your contact information if and when there is any kind of of settlement (we shouldn’t all hold our breaths!) and to receive these updates in the interim. Many of the court documents are available on the Trustee’s website at:”


A big thank you to Elizabeth for her announcement. Our hopes and prayers are with all the victims for some good news in these tough times!


8 thoughts on “Ed Okun Attempting Appeal For Freedom November 5: Victim Instructions Here

  1. Judge Payne DENIED Okun’s motion for release. The 3rd party custodian (required for Okun’s release) originally proposed in the defense’s motion, an Alex Carrera, was a no-show at the hearing, despite the Defense’s new attorney (a private attorney with an office in Washington, DC, named Barry Pollack — so Okun now has THREE attorneys, including the two from the public defender’s office, at US taxpayer expense!)telling the Judge he’d spoken to Carrera the previous afternoon and had every reason to believe he would be there and couldn’t explain why he wasn’t. Interestingly, his absence could not have been a surprise to Simone Bolani (Okun’s Brazilian bride), since she’d recruited a substitute, Edwin Escobar, the night before the hearing (odd she wouldn’t have shared that information with her husband’s attorney, isn’t it?) who did appear in the courtroom. However, under questioning by the US Attorney, Escobar had to admit that he was apparently guilty of one of the same offenses with which Okun was originally indicted, namely asking Okun to pay him $10,000 he was owed for some reason in increments of less than that to avoid IRS reporting limits! Judge Payne must have thought that wasn’t the most stellar qualification for a third party custodian and denied the motion. He also expressed chagrin that Carrera, described in the defense motion as a “family friend,” had in fact only met Okun once, at Simone’s Feb 2008 birthday party, and had not seen Okun since. He cautioned the defense not to bring any further such motions unless they’d personally interviewed the proposed custodian and assured themselves of the facts being claimed and that they were in fact suitably qualified to serve in that capacity. Thanks to Judge Payne and the US Attorney (Michael Dry), it looks like Okun’s appearance at his criminal trial which begins Jan 19 has been assured.

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  4. At the request of the Defense Counsels, Okun’s and Coleman’s trial has been postponed ’til March 2, 2009. If anyone intends to attend any part of the trial he/she should contact Kim Ulmet, the Victim’s Assistance Contact, to ensure there is adequate space in the courtroom. FYI, it is unlikely there will be suffienct space during the initial jury selection process (March 2-3)since all the seats will be occupied by potential jurors, so probably best not to plan to attend until before March 4.

  5. 1031 Victims of Okun/Coleman Embezzlement Must Register for restitution by December 29!

    The following email was just rec’d by victims of Okun/Coleman from the US Dept of Justice — If you were among the 1031 victims whose exchange funds were embezzled by Ed Okun and Lara Coleman, you must register your loss as described in the letter copied below. If you do not receive a hard copy in the mail, it means the CRIMINAL court doesn’t have your correct address and you must alert Kim Ulmet so she can update or correct the victims’ mailing list she is developing/maintaining to ensure you receive other official court documents. Her information is below. If you fail to follow the steps below, you could miss out on the opportunity to recieve any restitution via the criminal court process (which is totally different from the ongoing bankruptcy mess).

    This is the letter:

    U.S. Department of Justice,
    United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Virginia in Richmond
    600 East Main Street, Suite 1800,
    Main Street Centre,
    Richmond, VA 23219
    Phone: 866-287-5410
    Fax: 804-771-2316

    December 01, 2008

    RE: United States v. Defendant(s)

    Case Number 2007R01837 and Court Docket Number 3:08CR132
    United States v. Edward H. Okun

    Important Notice: Victim Verification of Financial Losses
    Enclosed you will find a form entitled, “Important Notice: Victim Verification of Financial Loss,” which requests information and supporting documentation concerning your financial loss associated with Edward H. Okun, d/b/a 1031 Tax Group and Investment Properties of America (IPA). The Qualified Intermediaries relevant to this case include: 1031 Advance; 1031 Security Services; Atlantic Exchange Company; Investment Exchange Group; National Exchange Services; and Real Estate Exchange Services. It is imperative that the enclosed form and your supporting documentation be completed and submitted to the United States Attorney’s Office, Attn: Kim Ulmet, Victim/Witness Specialist, 600 East Main Street, Suite 1800, Richmond, VA 23219 and be postmarked no later than Monday, December 29, 2008. You must submit the form with your original signature, however, your supporting documents may be copies. If your Victim Verification of Financial Loss form and supporting documentation outlining your financial loss are not postmarked by December 29, 2008, your name may not be included in the list of victims that will be submitted to the Court for restitution purposes.
    Although you may have received and completed a survey from the United States Postal Service and/or filed a claim with the Bankruptcy Trustee, you must complete the enclosed form to be considered for restitution. In addition, you must sign the declaration under Penalty of Perjury and attach all requested supporting documentation. The restitution process is entirely separate from the pending bankruptcy proceedings. As you will see from the attached form, the relevant inquiries are different and require specific documentation. We appreciate your patience and cooperation with this process.

    This notification will be sent through email and regular mail. If you do not receive this notification in the U.S. mail within two weeks, please log in to the VNS website, update your address, and call me at 866-287-5410 to ensure we have your updated contact information.

  6. This is a response to all the injured investors of 1031 Tax Group. Victimized by Edward Okun. I will begin by stating that this is not a solicitation. However, it is intended to inform investors of options that have presented themselves with the sentenced handed down today. At this time any oustanding qualified loss may be fully deductible against adjusted gross income.(Schedule A)Itemized. This is not a Capital Loss or against Gains at 15%. If the amount of the loss exceeds the investors AGI, carry back losses may be applied for the previous 5 years, until the loss is exhausted. This may include a carry forward as well. This can result in a refund check made payble to the investor from the IRS of the monies lost,of up to 35%. The Section of the tax code I am referencing is Sec.26 165c2. The casualty theft deduction. I would encourage you to talk to your tax preparer or attorney about this option. If they are reluctant, and they might be. Please have them contact our office. We will be more than happy to share the information. I may be reached at (800) 889-1602. Anyone can visit our website at http://www.investmenttheftlossexperts.com This is recovery monies made available by the Federal Government. Make sure you take the time to investigate it.


    Scott Connor
    Senior Advisor

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