The Peak Email Device: Slow, Expensive, Limited Functionality

Disclaimer: KXLY’s Johnny the Tech Guy in the above video claims that the Peak email device requires 5 minutes to send and roughly 5 minutes to receive email. We have not tested this device but rather are accepting the testing of the device by KXLY’s reviewer.

Sometimes simplicity has it’s place as our tech world spins at warp speeds with iPhones, blackberry’s, mobile computing, Wifi, and other gadgets that keep us connected. Many people do not like contracts, do not want to learn yet another operating system, and become Web 2.0 “fatigued” with all of the choices.

If you are not tech savvy, if you do not like technology curves that seem to always place you at the bottom looking up, maybe the following product is something to consider for your mobile email purposes: the peak

The Peak

Peak bills itself as “a super thin and stylish device that lets you take your email with you and stay connected.”

Analysis: This little pitch seems to be more concerned with the device’s compatibility with your wardrobe rather than the use it was designed to fulfill. But that’s the fun, or sometimes what’s wrong, with our sound bite Hollywood world of today.

Peak’s Benefits

1. No contracts-ever

2. Inexpensive costs at $99.95 per Peak

3. Nationwide coverage take it anywhere

4. Easy set up enter your email, register and go!

5. Available everywhere at Target stores

Peak’s Big Two

Peak’s big two benefits may just be enough

1. Stay in touch

2. Simplify your life

Hidden Benefit

1. Peak will save your cellphone battery

The Ugly?

1. Peak charges a $19.95 monthly service fee

2. Very limited functions, no bold, no underlines, no linking. Very dead if you want to write a blog post while on the road

3. Limited keyboard options

The Really Ugly: Why I Can Not Recommend Peak

According to the review video, the lag time for emails can be 5+ minutes to send and then another 5+ minutes to receive. This fact alone should motivate you to become just tech savvy enough to learn how to utilize a pda or cellphone with email capabilities!


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