Suspect Sought In Hell’s Angel’s ‘Frisco President Slaying

Newsflash 11:08pm September 11, 2008

Christopher Ablett, a suspect in the slaying, is being so...

One Christopher Ablett of Modesto is being sought tonight in connection with the slaying of San Francisco Hell’s Angel Chapter President Mark “Papa” Guardado according to KRON TV newscast. The only details to this point, according to the report, is that police have searched a house in Modesto, California and found evidence connecting Ablett to the crime.

Details are forthcoming and little is known. The report flashed a picture of the suspect who was reported to be 35 years old, brown hair, with little other information available.

2 thoughts on “Suspect Sought In Hell’s Angel’s ‘Frisco President Slaying

  1. You should not have killed Papa , stop the war now !! Now you have involved your family and disrespected
    modesto your poor mother and father turn your self in show some respect …Its over all crime dont pay

  2. Mr. White,

    I agree that involving the family and children is nasty at best. It is doubtful that a biker will turn himself in to the law. This weekend is all about holding on to your hats ’cause it could get ugly?

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