‘Frisco Hell’s Angel’s Chapter President Shot Dead

San Francisco Hell’s Angel Chapter president Mark “Papa” Guardado was shot and killed after a struggle only blocks from the ‘Frisco clubhouse according to reports from the San Francisco Chronicle today.

The murder took place at approximately 10:30pm when Guardado and an unknown assailant were engaged in what Lt. Mike Stasko of SFPD’s homicide detail described as “They had a wrestling match first,” Then “the guy shot him(Guardado) , and he got on his motorcycle and left.”


Speculation after the incident ran wild with the most prominent scenario’s being a rival biker gang hit by the Mongols or any number of other gangs in the area. Guardado’s attorney Patrick Ciocca had a different take on the slain Angel:

“He really was an all-around good guy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are going to miss him dearly.”

On the other side of the ledger is Sonoma County prosecutor Victoria Shanahan’s take on Guardado who she described as “was an extremely dangerous gang member,”

4 thoughts on “‘Frisco Hell’s Angel’s Chapter President Shot Dead

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  2. Victoria Shanahan’s take on this is as idiotic as her case Against Papa. She represents the idiots of her kind that started a fight. Papa tried to diffuse the altercation and these guys were beligerant, obnoxious and combative. He tried to avoid the altercation they wouldn’t stop. If you and your friend are being berated for your association, challenged, physically and verbally threatened and these people begin to take action to carry out that threat, they need their asses kicked. That’s what happened. They ended up getting their asses kicked and cried to the Police in Petaluma. She implies guilt by association. Clubs are not gangs. There have been several attempts to prove this club to be a gang and the assertion has failed in every fairly tried cases. Victoria Shanahan’s can’t deny that this was a fight started by the so called victims and they showed their manhood by being unable to accept a well deserved ass kicking. Ask her.

    RIP-Papa, Anthony Mark Guardado

  3. Victoria Shanahan’s opinion is a small and narrow minded attempt to besmirch a good man’s name. She has nothing to support her hateful, libelous, slanderous, ignorant statement. Papa was a very good man. When you’re with him, he makes you feel like you’re to most important person in the world. When there’s an issue, he resolved and diffused it. If that’s dangerous, we can use some more dangerous people.

    There is no proof that Papa was dangerous, or a member of a gang. He was The President of a Club not a gang. These are unsubstantiated, baseless allegations. She got Papa raided in San Francisco before 6:00 AM and Petaluma had him out, in handcuffs on the stairs to the club house (he lived upstairs)for three hours, not even completely dressed and cold. Good work Petaluma and Sonoma County. This was nothing but and attempt at intimidation since he’d already been to court and was free. They still had to let him go because their baseless search was as impotent as their equally baseless case against him.

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