Manage Your Online Reputation Through Profile Placement

Defending your online reputation is a key element in establishing your ability to capture the top 2 pages of a Google search engine query for your business or surname. The goal is for you to capture the top 10 positions on page one of a Google search. You want your own writing, web site, blog site, and positive reviews to show up first when a search is performed.

Strategy of Defense

By precisely crafting and posting your profile onto the major Web directories or social media networking sites, you will begin to leverage the Google SEO “juice” for those sites. In turn your profile(s) on these sites will populate your top 10 positions forcing any other blog or web site information down the search list. The idea is to bury any unsubstantiated bad reviews or unwarranted information below the first three search pages.

Reputation Management and Your Profile

In a fantastic article on online reputation management “50+ Sites To Help You Bury Negative Posts About You or Your Company” Jeff Quipp states: “Keep in mind, most people never go beyond the first page of search results.”

Jeff’s strategy is to “build a profile on various sites.  .  .  most important is that the profile name should be the exact term phrase that any negative piece of information is ranking for in the search engines.”

50 Sites To Help You Defend Your Online Reputation

1. Digg
2. LinkedIn
3. Twitter
4. Stumbleupon
5. Facebook
6. Propeller
7. Magnolia
8. Jaiku
9. Simpy
10. Technorati
11. coRank
12. YouTube
13. BlogCatalog
14. Zimbio
15. HubPages
16. Reddit
18. BlogMad
19. Curbly
20. Flickr
21. PublicBlend
22. Bumpzee
23. Pownce
24. ViewZoo
25. PeekYou
27. Connotea
28. BlinkList
29. BlogFlux
31. Plime
32. MyBlogLog
34. DotNetKicks
35. Diigo
36. CoComment
37. LiveJournal
38. Faves
39. Indianpad
41. MySpace
42. Mixx
43. ZiiTrend
44. FriendFeed
45. MetaCafe
47. ZippyVideos
49. Kirtsy
50. Photobucket
51. Deals
52. Agentb
53. BlogSpot
54. HuffingtonPost


One thought on “Manage Your Online Reputation Through Profile Placement

  1. Thanks, I am going to start working on this right now! Would say say backlinking is the best way to get these profiles to show up the first page? Does anyone know what the average number of backlinks it takes to move a profile to the first page – any idea?

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