Online Reputation Management Is About Walking Tall And Carrying A Big “Stick” Called A Blog

Even The Devil Needs a Little Online Reputation Management

picture of online reputation management published this deansguide article August 8, 2008

Courtesy of a fantastic internet marketing agency and voted one of the “Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S.” in a study performed by Goldline Research for Inc. Magazine. Thanks go to Miguel Salcido!

Note: “It ain’t braggin if you can do it” and apparently eVisibility can do it!

Online reputation management is all about having a online presence that will allow you to quickly respond to any challenge of your service, products, or business that shows up in a Google search of your surname or business.

The Yelps of the world and consumer comments are not always accurate nor correct. Your competitors may also play dirty pool and create their own “erroneous false” reviews in order to tarnish your image, company image, and public perception.

Step #1 Blogging

The fastest method to defending your surname or business name reputation online is creating a blog. Websites help but due to their lack of fresh continuous content, they do not stand a chance in the SEO wars that are being waged online

Step #2 Monitor

Monitor your surname and business name on a weekly if not daily basis. Note who shows up on your page one searches. Investigate what they are saying and why they are placing for your keywords or names

Final Final

Without a method to respond or interact immediately to bad reviews or erroneous reports your reputation is at stake. If you don’t perform basic analytics on your surname, business name, and keywords you run the risk of somebody making statements you do not want on key Google searches. Defend yourself do your homework

Miguel’s Professional Advice on Reputation Management:

“I wanted to add that you should stay away from leaving comments on the blogs that bash you because all you are doing is re-enforcing that site’s rankings by offering your content to it. It will also most likely just fuel more discussion.

It is really important that you clear at least the first 2 pages of any negative search results when it comes to your name and your company name. We specialize in this. One of our methods includes creating as many social profiles as you can online. Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, Flickr, Crunchbase, etc.”


4 thoughts on “Online Reputation Management Is About Walking Tall And Carrying A Big “Stick” Called A Blog

  1. Thanks a ton Dean! I really like this blog, clean design.

    Reputation Management is big business these days, we have fortune 50 clients clamoring for the service. When you think about it, you really cannot put a price on your reputation!

  2. Dean, blogs alone won’t do much to help without an aggressive linkbuilding campaign behind it. The readers need to know that. Otherwise, they’re going to go out and start blogging and wonder where this strategy, they found right here, went wrong. You and I know the importance of link building. Some suggestions I have for your readers are: 1) back up every blog post you make with references to it on your twitter, facebook, and linkedin profiles. Also, link back to your latest blog posts on pages (popular websites and social media sites) where links get indexed daily. This helps search engines know about your website and new content, and visit your site to index it.

    We just wrote a new article on titled Bury Negative Search Results


    • Henry,

      Thanks but did you take a look at the date of that post? It’s from 2008!

      Your world and all of our worlds have just changed drastically with Google’s new algorithmic changes. The days of back links being king is giving way, and rightfully so, to content. If you scoff at that notion take a look at this post from Mike Brooks:

      Game Changer: Google+ Changes Search and Social Media Marketing

      I trust you do not support Black Hat tactics. This is the beginning of the end of Black Hat SEO tactics in my opinion.

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